NORTH BAY -- Occupancy rates and revenue per available room at hotels across Marin and Sonoma counties increased significantly in January and over the year, while both measures decreased in Napa County, according to industry figures released today.

Average daily room rates across the three counties remained relatively flat, according to PKF Consulting.

For the 12 months ended in January, the Marin County occupancy rate increased to 55 percent, up 10.4 percent, while revenue per available room (RevPAR) increased by 10.5 percent. The average daily room rate barely budged, up 0.1 percent for the month.

Sonoma County occupancy rates were up by 6.8 percent, to 51.3 percent, while RevPAR increased by 7.6 percent. The average daily room rate was up 0.8 percent

In Napa, occupancy and RevPAR dropped off by 6.1 percent, from 51.1 percent last year to 48 percent this year, and 7.7 percent, respectively, while the average daily room rate dropped by 1.8 percent.

Alison Simpson, spokeswoman for the Napa Valley Destination Council, said the figures from PKF didn't match with what the organization has seen.

Citing figures from Smith Travel, which the Destination Council contracts with to crunch its county numbers, Ms. Simpson said the opposite of what the PKF figures indicated was the case for Napa County.  For the month of January, occupancy rates increased by  6.8 percent, the average daily room rate was up 7.5 percent and RevPAR up 14.9 percent.

Over the year, Ms. Simpson said occupancy rates were up 9 percent, average daily room rates were up 2.2 percent and RevPAR was up 11.3 percent.

Ashish Patel, a consultant with PKF, said the difference in data is likely the result of differing sample sizes of hotels. He said PKF is limited to the properties that participate it its Monthly Trends Program.

Updated March 19 and 20 with clarification from Napa Valley Destination Council and PKF on differing Napa hotel data.