NORTH BAY -- A majority of new voter-approved sales tax increases that took effect in California April 1 are in the North Bay.

The largest increase in the North Bay -- 1 cent -- is in Solano County’s city of Vallejo, following voter approval of Measure B in November. That increase will go to fund various city services, helping to ease a four-year budget crisis that has resulted in an approximately 33 percent reduction in city staff, according to materials from the city of Vallejo.

Taxable purchases in Vallejo will be subject to a rate of 8.375 percent on April 1, a change that the city estimates will generate nearly $10 million annually. The measure passed with a narrow 50.43 percent majority in November, and is scheduled to expire in 10 years.

In Mendocino County, voters approved a 16-year, one-eighth-cent increase in all areas through Measure A to help fund public libraries. Incorporated areas will have a rate of 7.875 percent, and purchases in unincorporated areas will be subject to a rate of 7.375 percent.

The highest new rate in the North Bay is in the Marin County town of Fairfax, where taxable purchases will be subject to a half-cent increase and a new rate of 8.5 percent. Voters approved the increase through Measure D in November to fund general city services amid falling property tax and state revenue.

That tax is scheduled to end on March 31, 2017.

Other increases statewide are set for Riverside County's Palm Springs, where the rate will rise one cent to a new rate of 8.75 percent, and Stanislaus County's Oakdale, where the rate will rise half a cent to 7.875 percent.

The new tax rates generally apply to merchandise sold and delivered within the applicable area, as well as lease payments for property used in the area and autos, boats and aircraft registered in the taxable area, according to the state Board of Equalization.