Hotels across Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties showed solid improvement in key measures, including occupancy rates, revenue per available room and average daily room rate, according to new figures from industry research firms.

In February, revenue per available room, or RevPAR, leaped by 25.1 percent from January in Marin, according to PKF Consulting, which tracks the hospitality industry.

Occupancy rates increased 18.2 percent, while the average daily room rate increased by 5.9 percent.

Over the year, Marin hotel RevPAR soared by 18.6 percent, while occupancy jumped 14.8 percent and average daily room rates rose 3.4 percent.

For February, Sonoma County hotel RevPAR was up by 13.2 percent, occupancy rates increased by 9.3 percent and average daily room rates were up by 3.6 percent.

Over the year, Sonoma hotels saw an increase of 10.6 percent in RevPAR, while occupancy was up 8.2 percent and average daily room rates were up by 2.2 percent.

Research firms disagree on the health of the Napa Valley hospitality industry, which has a number of hotel construction projects in progress.

Napa County saw a decline in all three metrics, according to PKF. For February, Napa hotel RevPAR dropped by 4.8 percent, occupancy dipped 4 percent, and the average daily room rate slipped by 0.8 percent.

For the year, RevPAR was down by 5.8 percent, occupancy down by 5.1 percent and average daily room rates by 0.8 percent.

However, the Napa Valley Destination Council said its research, provided by Smith Travel, showed Napa County had similar improvements as in Marin and Sonoma counties.

Smith Travel's Napa hotel RevPAR shot up by 12.8 percent in March, 14.5 percent from 12 months before and 13.8 percent in the first three months of this year, according to Smith Travel's sample of 70 percent of the valley's rooms.

Total revenue grew 14.2 percent to $242 million in the 12 months ending in March, according to Smith Travel.

Average daily room rate rose 6.4 percent in March, 5.2 percent in the first three months and 7.2 percent from a year before.

Occupancy in Napa Valley increased to 57.9 percent in March, a 6 percent increase, and occupancy averaged 63.7 percent over 12 months, a 6.8 percent improvement over that period.