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Brokerage abbreviations: CBCBV = Coldwell Banker Commercial Brokers of the Valley, C&CCNKF = Cornish & Carey Commercial Newmark Knight Frank, C&W = Cushman & Wakefield, K&C = Keegan & Coppin Co. Inc./ONCOR InternationalLEASES

size at address, city; property type; tenant; procuring agent; owner; listing agent; deal date (occupancy)Marin County

2,500sf at 23 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley; retail; Paul Demartini; na; Tom Kostic; Jerry Suyderhoud and Doug Daigle of C&CCNKF; April

2,103sf at 128 Tunstead Ave., San Anselmo; office; Trainor Construction; Mark Carrington and Haden Ongaro of C&CCNKF; Judith A. Devito; Mark Carrington and Haden Ongaro; April

1,678sf at 505A San Marin Dr., #240, Novato; office; SLR Financial; Nathan Ballard and Theo Banks of K&C; 505 San Marin Dr. LLC; Nathan Ballard and Theo Banks; April 15

1,617sf at 900 Mission Ave., San Rafael; office; Capital Alliance Advisors Inc.-900 Mission; Meryl Sebestyen of C&CCNKF; Martin Neville; na; March

1,490sf at 725 Center Blvd., Fairfax; retail; KAI Nutrition Inc.; na; Fairfax Center Properties LLC; Roger Smith of C&CCNKF; April 20

1,366sf at 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross; office; Girls Club Entertainment LLC; Vesa Becam of K&C; Marin Art & Garden Center; Vesa Becam; March 19

1,364sf at 655 Redwood Hwy., Mill Valley; office; Escova LLC; Julie Taylor, Tom Neuburger and Meryl Sebestyen of C&CCNKF; Strawberry Village Retail--3344 Peachtree; Julie Taylor, Tom Neuburger and Meryl Sebestyen; March

1,110sf at 27 Commercial Blvd., #D, Novato; industrial; Lockwood Saunders; Roger Smith of C&CCNKF; Pierpont Investment Trust; Roger Smith; April 24

1,100sf at 4000 Bridgeway, Sausalito; office; Scot Wagner; Alisa Belew, Brian Eisberg, David Walwyn and Mac Cranford of C&CCNKF; 4000 Bridgeway LLC; Alisa Belew, Brian Eisberg, David Walwyn and Mac Cranford; March

960sf at 19 Digital Dr., #S, Novato; industrial; Timothy Soman; na; Francis Warren; Theo Banks and Nathan Ballard of K&C; April 11

458sf at 1640 Tiburon Blvd., Tiburon; office; Zaaz; Erika Elliott of C&CCNKF; Main Street Properties; Erika Elliott; AprilNapa County

5,990sf at 831 Latour Ct., #B1, Napa; office; Vin Perfect Inc.; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Latour Court Leasing LP; Michael Moffet of CBCBV and Chris Neeb of C&W; April 25 (June 1)

3,635sf at 1115 Jordan Ln., Napa; retail; Studio Phyzz LLC; Adam Green of CBCBV; Margaret and Jonathan Leavitt; Dave Buurma of Buurma & Strain; March 23 (April 1)

2,472sf at 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way, #F, Napa; office; Vertiga Inc.; Adam Green of CBCBV; LBA Realty Inc.; Chris Neeb of C&W; April 25 (May 1)

2,352sf at 1755 Industrial Way, #8, Napa; industrial, warehouse; John F. Cortese; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Pahlmeyer-Ozawa Properties LLC; Danny Kirstine of Napa & Country Property Management; April 16 (May 1)

2,250sf at 1403 Lincoln Ave., #A, Napa; retail; Steve and Robin Metoxen; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Rick Troendly; Michael Moffett; April 23 (May 1)

1,300sf at 1428 Main St., St. Helena; retail; Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services; Jeff Feeney of CBCBV; T&C Hotels LLC; Jeff Feeney; March 3 (July 1)Solano County

91,200sf at 2320 Cordelia Rd., Fairfield; industrial; QX Warehouse Inc.; Graden Travis and Tyler Epting of C&CCNKF; Fair Oaks Technology Park LLC; Graden Travis and Tyler Epting; April

40,000sf at 2339 Courage Dr., Fairfield; industrial; Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano; Tyler Epting and Graden Travis of C&CCNKF; Jaeger Mchugh LLC; na; April

15,808sf at 6860 Goodyear Rd., Benicia; industrial; Interstate Electric Co; Graden Travis of C&CCNKF; Walton CWCA Benicia I 19 LLC; na; April

3,700sf at 860 Teal Ct., Benicia; industrial; Advanced Elements Inc.; Tyler Epting of C&CCNKF; Norm Koerner; na; March