It’s not being best, it’s setting the standard

When I say the words, “set the standard,” what comes to your mind?

Is it personal standards of yours?

Is it standards that your business sets?

Is it standards you have in your mind about other people?

Is it standards you have in your mind about other products?

When you go to a restaurant and order your favorite steak, you’ll always recall the one restaurant (especially if it’s the one you’re in) that had the best steak (or whatever your favorite food was). That restaurant set the standard. All other steaks you will ever eat will be compared to the standard bearer, until one day you may get a better steak, and then that restaurant will become the new standard bearer.

You know and recognize dozens of standard setters in your life -- especially if these products or people are amazing and have your undying loyalty and especially if you proactively refer them. It could be as simple as the best ice cream or the best apple pie. It could be the best dentist or the best chiropractor. It could be the best financial planner.

 And it could also be your own brand loyalty. The best car. The best clothing. The best computer. The best phone. Things that you would never consider doing without.

 Whatever those products are, whoever those people are, they set the standard. Your standard.

 There arethird party standards…Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a single basketball game. He didn’t just set a record. He set the standard.Abe Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. It wasn’t just a speech. He set the standard.At the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a speech to 500,000 people. It wasn’t just a speech. He set the standard.

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