SAN RAFAEL -- Marin Municipal Water District has chosen to enroll all its electricity accounts with San Rafael-based Marin Clean Energy power agency, citing cost savings over current provider Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

It's the latest onboarding of a public entity for the new power agency, which feeds power into the grid maintained by PG&E through the community choice aggregation model. Earlier this month, the town of Ross enrolled and city of Richmond shifted their accounts.

“The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with MMWD’s enrollment will be significant, and we look forward to serving the remainder of their accounts,” said Dawn Weisz, executive officer of the agency’s governing body, the Marin Energy Authority, in a statement.

The water district has 236 active electric accounts, consuming more than 20 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year to pump water from reservoirs in West Marin. Marin Clean Energy has provided its 50 percent renewable energy service to 203 of those accounts since 2010 and will soon be the sole power provider for those functions.

The remaining water district accounts will switch to Marin Clean Energy in July, part of an enrollment period that will increase total customers to more than 95,000.

The water district also expects to obtain a "substantial credit" from PG&E as part of a retroactive change applied to agency’s "power charge indifference adjustment fee," which is charged to former customers for power procured on their behalf before switching to Marin Clean Energy. A decision by the California Public Utilities Commission limited the timeframe for those charges, resulting in a retroactive credit.