Following a falling trend in California, new foreclosure filings over the past six months continued to decrease on average across the six North Bay counties in June, according to foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac.

New foreclosure filings – default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions – fell to one in every 400 homes across Sonoma County in June. Those 511 properties were a 6.4 percent decrease from the 546 that filed in May, and beat the California average of one in 288 homes. There were a total of 3,251 foreclosure homes across Sonoma County in April.

One in every 563 homes in Marin County received a foreclosure filing in April, a total of 190 properties. It was a 42 percent decrease, with 1,035 foreclosure homes across the county.

In Napa County, one in every 404 homes received a filing. It was a 1.5 percent increase from the prior month, with 797 foreclosure homes total.

Solano County had more new filings than the state average in May – one in every 202 homes, which was 12 percent lower than the prior month with a total of 4,417 foreclosure properties.  Mendocino County filings were 31 percent higher at one in every 401 and a total of 554 properties. One in every 156 homes received a filing in Lake County, an 11 percent decrease versus the prior month but a 234 percent increase from April. There were  for 1,054 foreclosure properties in Lake.

All six North Bay counties were experiencing a six-month falling trend in new foreclosure filings by April, according to RealtyTrac.

Despite California’s falling trend, the state had the highest rate of foreclosure starts in the country in June. One in every 666 properties in the United States had a foreclosure filing in June, down 11 percent since the same period last year.