Last month the North Bay Business Journal celebrated the many accomplishments of women in business in the North Bay. This recognition is so important for the many women who have made lasting contributions to the health and vitality of the North Bay economy. Here at Bank of Marin, we have also had many outstanding women who have contributed to our growth and success.

Bank of Marin celebrates the significant contributions that a number of women have made to our success. Judy Allen was a founder of Bank of Marin and later became chairman of the Board. Judy’s background was education, and she was dedicated to the betterment of the community. Over time she became one of the best Bank of Marin Board members. She worked overtime, studied “best board practices,” and attended numerous industry conferences while raising a family and serving as a trustee of the Kentfield School Board. Judy’s ascendancy to board chair was validation of her many accomplishments. 

Unfortunately, Judy passed away in 2009, but her mark on the Bank is indelible and her legacy is as a true leader in the community of Marin.

Christina Cook is the very capable chief financial officer of Bank of Marin and has held this position for the past eight years. Chris is a highly accomplished financial officer, whose precision, attention to detail, and ability to stay ahead of the myriad of new accounting regulations has served us very well. 

Chris’ leadership in finance and accounting is critical to the success of Bank of Marin, and her credibility with our Board and the investment community are important factors in our remaining one of the top community banks in the country. Chris and her husband, Bob, balance raising two children with many other outside interests, including Chris’ serving on the board of Lifehouse. She is a former winner of the San Francisco Times “Women in Business” award and was recognized in the “Forever Influential” category this year. She also won “Top CFO in the North Bay” from the North Bay Business Journal in 2011 and was a Journal Women in Business honoree in 2008.

[caption id="attachment_56590" align="alignright" width="224" caption="Beth Reizman"][/caption]

Elizabeth “Beth” Reizman is a career long commercial banker and the head of Bank of Marin’s commercial banking group. She was honored for the first time this year by the North Bay Business Journal as one of the “Women in Business 2012.” 

Beth balances running commercial banking with raising two children with her husband, Vic, and volunteering for many nonprofits. Her focus on building lending relationships in numerous markets (Marin, Sonoma, Napa and San Francisco) has been challenging, but her tenacity and dedication to the bank’s success has it on the right path. 

Beth’s leadership, extraordinary credit skills, and management of three commercial banking offices, as well as the core Marin lending team, has created a profitable, growing, and critical growth area for Bank of Marin. Beth is an inspirational leader and plays an important role in the continued success and future of Bank of Marin.

Her dedication, patience and loyalty to Bank of Marin have led to a very successful banking career. She is truly a leader that makes a difference at Bank of Marin and in the North Bay. Congratulations to Beth for being recognized for all that she does.

So what do these women have in common, other than Bank of Marin? Just like all of the honorees, they have been highly successful because they have balanced work and family and taken it upon themselves to give back to their community. Success with the three of them is measured not just by the impact they’ve had on Bank of Marin, but on our entire community. Their efforts make a real difference. Their contribution matters, just like all of the honorees.

I want to add my personal congratulations to all the women who are being recognized this year. You all make a real difference. Your efforts contribute greatly to economic vitality of the North Bay. Congratulations and keep up the great work.•••

Russell A. Colombo is president and CEO of Bank of Marin.