NAPA -- The Napa Winery Inn, a 59-room boutique hotel that was purchased by hotelier Rick Swig back in May, has officially opened its doors after a $1 million renovation and re-branding.

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Mr. Swig, who also owns the St. Helena Inn, purchased what was then known as the John Muir Inn for $6.8 million in late May. At that time, he said occupancy at the hotel was around 35 percent full, compared to 70 percent across the county, a factor he attributed to the lack of branding.

Renovations at the property at 1998 Trower Ave. included new carpets and drapes, landscaping improvements, flat-screen TVs and wireless technology, plus new landscaping around the swimming pool and the building’s exterior. Room rates will fall in the $150 to $160 range. The hotel remained open during renovations.

Under the new ownership, the hotel will be affiliated with Choice Hotels as a Quality Inn. The previous owners, who did not live in the Napa Valley, operated the property independently.

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“The Napa Winery Inn offers guests the whole Napa wine country experience, as it is close to downtown as well as other popular Napa Valley destinations,”Mr. Swig said. “The Napa Winery Inn is service-focused to ensure guests a rewarding visit to Napa at affordable room rates.”

The new Napa Winery Inn can accommodate weddings, business meetings for up to 35 people and other special event and will be geared toward travelers seeking a more affordable stay in the Napa Valley, according to Mr. Swig. 

In June, occupancy rates in Napa County were 75.2 percent, up 8.1 percent from the previous year, according to Smith Travel Research. Average daily room rates were $247.97 in June, up 1.6 percent over the year. Revenue per available room was $186.44, up 9.9 percent over the year.

Mr. Swig is on the board of Visit Napa Valley, formerly known as the Napa Valley Destination Council.