The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced more than $700,000 in grants to eight North Bay housing and low-income assistance programs, money that will help hire new staff and support various support services for HUD-assisted families.

The North Bay funds were part of $8.6 million in grants for 141 jobs statewide and $75 million in grants for 1,500 jobs in the U.S.

New North Bay staff will support two specific programs, the Public Housing--Family Self-Sufficiency Program and the Housing Choice Voucher--Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Each is a five-year contractual arrangement that provides assistance for establishing a steady income for heads of households and helping those families to leave welfare aid.

The greatest volume of funding was granted to Marin Housing Authority, which received $206,959 to support three positions.

The other North Bay grants:Napa Housing Authority received $138,000 for two positions.Sonoma County Community Development Commission received $69,000 for one position.Vallejo Housing Authority received $68,680 to fund one position.City of Santa Rosa received $68,000 for one position.Lake County Housing Commission received $31,882 for one position.