Circle Bank SIX-TIME WINNERA year of milestones; how the winners were chosen; facts and figures of winners over the yearsBest Places to Work 2012 winner profiles20--50 employees51--100 employees101--250 employees251--500 employees501--1,000 employees1,001-plus employees51--100 employeeslisted alphabeticallyCircle BankCoast Landscape ManagementCosteaux French Bakery, Inc.Filtration GroupFirst Community BankGeorge Petersen Insurance AgencyGlassdoorGolden LivingCenter of PetalumaKCC, LLCLEMO USA, Inc.Moss Adams, LLPNova GroupSonoma Technology Inc.St. Francis Winery & VineyardsSummit State BankTown of WindsorWells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.WRA Environmental Consultants

NOVATO -- "We rate very high in customer satisfaction," an employee said. "Our customers appreciate our can-do attitude and expertise in providing their banking needs. We all work together for the same goal. Each person views others as valuable human beings."

President Kim Kaselionis said, "The people we hire are all self-motivated, and when you put a diverse group that has a lot of enthusiasm and knows about team work together, you've got something great."

Another worker noted, "Management has created a team-oriented atmosphere, and rewards individuals who go over and above to provide excellent customer service."

Others said, "The bank's willingness to change, and it's openness to keeping employees involved with everything going on at a management level, is what makes us the best. My ideas are heard and respected."

Employees said the opportunity for individual growth is always present. "Circle Bank promotes from within and helps individuals attain the necessary skills or qualifications needed for any promotion."Coast Landscape ManagementFOUR-TIME WINNER

NAPA -- Coast Landscape is committed to being a leader in the green industry, while providing an enriching work environment for its 66 exceptional employees.

"I appreciate the fact that management expects employees to do their best and supports us so we can do so," one said. "I like how I am given assignments and update my supervisors, without feeling that they are closely observing my every action."

 CEO Kelly Solomon said Coast believes in open communication. "We are thankful that we have not had wage cuts while being able to maintain our quarterly company events, picnics and holiday parties as well as uniform policies. Coast is as good as its employees. I know we are on the right path for continued success."

Employees say they come to work with a smile because of the friendliness of their co-workers and the cohesive team environment.

"Everyone works together for the common goal of meeting and exceeding customer needs," another said. "We all have such a positive attitude. It's a pleasure being here every day."Costeaux French Bakery, Inc.SECOND-TIME WINNER

HEALDSBURG -- The uniqueness and authenticity of the Costeaux experience is what makes us stand out, keeps customers satisfied and makes them want to come back, according to employees.

"When reviewing guest comments they repeatedly noted that they were greeted by a friendly staff and that products consumed were of great quality," said owner and General Manager Will Seppi. "We work hard to ensure that not only our customers are happy but also our employees."

Management embraced a "promote the positive" approach, recognizing employees for doing things consistent with Costeaux's core values.

Company benefits include free nutritious meals, daily loaf of bread and birthday cake of their choice -- along with a 20 percent discount on all products. There is also a sit-down holiday dinner party with a raffle of great prizes.

"The sense of personal commitment that we have, to making sure that each guest is welcomed and their needs are met, is exceptional."Filtration GroupFIVE-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- This global maker of basic furnace filters to biological safety-oriented filtration systems produces some 30 million filters a year sold on six continents.

"The company treats its employees with dignity and respect and is always looking for ways to better the ergonomic side of the job by identifying and eliminating potential hazards," an employee said.

 Plant Manager Alison Huber said, "Filtration Group cares a great deal about the overall well-being of its employees. Happy and successful team members contribute to a solid business foundation in which we can all prosper."

The company provides an employee-assistance program, education reimbursement, bonuses and incentives for attendance, referrals and productivity, plus service awards and other recognition.

"Management appreciates hard work and acknowledges it in your reviews," one said. "They continually strive to improve and grow be developing tools and training for employees while encouraging self-growth and development. We all help each other get the job done. It's a friendly place to work."First Community BankSEVEN-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- When you work at a community bank, it is important to know customers as individuals.

"Our clients are not numbers to us," a worker said. "They are people we have the privilege to work with and get to know. We take care of our customers as if they were family."

The bank's 77 employees share this personal service attitude. "We are extremely entrepreneurial and very focused on the quality of life at FCB," another said. "We promote excellence throughout the organization and take great pride in having personal relationships with all of our clients."

"We emphasize community and employee health, satisfaction at work and having a good time -- even when times are rough," an employee said.

The bank's supportive culture includes hosting an annual employee--director party, "jeans day," periodic employee socials and meet-and-greet client-appreciation receptions.

"The people that we have the privilege of working with are all unique individuals with various talents that bring cohesiveness to the bank through their experiences and knowledge," employees said.

George Petersen Insurance AgencyFOUR-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- Founded in 1935, this insurance agency is still growing and focused on taking care of its people.

In addition to its basic benefits package, the agency implemented a wellness program that includes on-site Weight Watchers, a flexible spending plan, dependent and day care plans, and REACH air ambulance group plan.

"Of paramount importance to the agency is the physical and emotional health and well-being of its employees," a worker said. "That our managers strive to meet employee needs as a top priority sets them apart."

Chief Operating Office Doug Dilley said, "We have grown quite a bit over the past several years, but we've been able to keep and prioritize the family feel of the company."

When an employee was building a house through Burbank Housing's Mutual Self-Help Program, several others donated weekends to help construct, landscape and clean the site.

"We are happy to say this employee recently moved into her new home," one said. We are proud to have been part of it."GlassdoorFIRST-TIME WINNER

SAUSALITO -- This online startup launched in 2008 and is building a reputation as the go-to site for an inside look at jobs and companies.

 CEO Robert Hohman said, "Searching for a new job and making career changes can be some of the most significant and stressful times of our lives. Glassdoor employees are committed to helping job seekers find better information on jobs, companies, salaries and interviews to make more informed career decisions."

Employees said, "We're a fast-growing company with a mission to make people's working lives better. That's invigorating and exciting."

Another added, "We have a product the marketplace is crazy about and a team of the right people to make this company huge and long-lasting. Glassdoor is changing the world!"

Each employee holds equity in the company and receives 100 percent employer-paid benefits. Perks include discounts to gyms and restaurants, free healthful food and drinks, catered lunches, flex hours, special outings and "swag" (Glassdoor T-shirts, bags, hats, mugs, etc.).Golden LivingCenter of PetalumaTHREE-TIME WINNER

 PETALUMA -- The Golden LivingCenters family of caring health care companies is committed to enhancing the lives of its residents and patients.

"Our mission is to share our passion for improving the quality of life through innovative health care, one person, one family and one community at a time," said Chief Executive Constance Smith. "We eagerly support employee involvement and diversity -- and we're LGBT-friendly."

Employees have many good things to say about their center. "Each shift is fun. It feels good to be part of a company that allows me to manage my time. So if my child needs to go to the doctor, it's OK to take a longer lunch.

"The level of hands-on care is superb. It is the dedication of our floor staff that drives the success of our company.

"I like being here because time passes quickly when you like your job and the people you work with."

Just to say thank you, managers give free cupcakes, hot dogs and hot fudge sundaes to workers.KCC, LLCFIRST-TIME WINNER

NOVATO -- KCC, formerly Kurtzman Carson Consultants, is a corporate restructuring and claims administration services provider with divisions focusing on bankruptcy and class action services.

"The KCC environment is excellent," an employee said. "I transferred from another branch and I've never felt more welcomed. The Novato team has become my second family. The friendliness of employees and the upbeat work atmosphere are fantastic."

James Lee, vice president for class action services in Novato, said, "KCC is known for its business growth strategies, team-oriented culture and career-building practices, along with a supportive, creative and cohesive environment where team members can grow and contribute to the advancement of the company."

Employees are positive about their thriving, yet relaxed, workplace.

"There are lots of young, energetic and smart people with diverse skill sets working together toward the common goals of success and improvement," one said.

Another said, "I've been with KCC eight years, and I'm still excited about coming to work. This company is continually looking to grow and evolve. Management turns to us for inspiration and feedback on how to do it."LEMO USA. Inc.FIRST-TIME WINNER

ROHNERT PARK -- LEMO USA designs and manufactures precision circular connectors used in medical, industrial, instrumentation  and broadcast applications -- made by 98 dedicated employees,

"Though really a mid-sized company, LEMO USA has the feel of a much smaller team," an employee said. "Everyone is comfortable with each other and communication channels are always open from top to bottom."

Dean Pohwala, general manager, said, "Without doubt, communication is the key to keeping morale up. Quarterly all-hands meetings are held, and managers walk around and talk to employees frequently to see how things are going."

Another worker said, "The people, the atmosphere and the fact that the firm really cares for employees are a winning combination."

Providing a healthful workplace for employees includes having fresh-fruit Mondays, a nutritious lunch and snack program, and supplying pedometers for everyone to record steps for a monthly raffle. There are scheduled weekly walk, health fairs, health screenings and flu shots. The firm is also compiling a cookbook called "Lemo Bytes."


SANTA ROSA -- Emphasis on employee development, recognition and keeping everyone abreast of the financial status of the firm is an essential ingredient for success for this provider of accounting, assurance, tax and related consulting services.

"The level of expertise among people here is amazing," an employee said. "I have never met harder working, more intelligent people who inspire me to be the same. Management is nearly flawless in keeping employees focused on the bigger picture. We're encouraged to balance our lives and maintain a positive attitude."

Ty Pforsich, managing director, said, "I truly appreciate, celebrate and honor the collective strength, energy, dedication and diversity of our team. We have a passion for what we do and take the time to enjoy our successes with one another."

Other employees noted, "There are a ton of great people who work here. It is a concentrated collection of rare individuals. We have the ability to shape our own career and have the resources available for healthy career growth and mentoring."Nova GroupFOUR-TIME WINNER

NAPA -- As one of the nation's most experienced and respected general engineering contractors specializing in hydrant fueling, waterfront and utility construction, Nova knows how to take care of its people.

"Wellness incentives introduced over the last year are making a healthier, happier workforce," one said. "This program is second to none. A 1.5-mile track was built for our team. Managers brought in a personal trainer to help us, and they allow us to take time to use it."

Ronald Fedrick, CEO and board chair, said, "Despite tough economic times, Nova continues to invest in its employees and increase opportunities as well as benefits."

Employees said this is what being the best means: "The pride we take in the projects we build; and in each others' successes. We have a clear and demonstrated concern about one another."

Another said, "Nova is willing to tackle hard projects and encourages innovation in winning and completing those projects. The company cares about what we do as well as how we affect others. Nova's community and industry program is really wonderful!"Sonoma Technology Inc.SIX-TIME WINNER

PETALUMA -- STI continues its legacy of caring for its employees and the environment as it marks 30 years in business as an air-quality research and consulting firm.

"Our wide range of rewarding projects, combined with the company's commitment to quality, and STI's stellar reputation in the scientific community make this the best place to work," an employee said.

President Lyle Chinkin agrees. "We run our company in an open and ethical manner with a focus on quality, and on our bottom line, as we continue to broaden our business base. An ongoing dialogue with employees at all levels is an essential part of this process. We want them to learn and grow by working on challenging projects."

Employees said they are up to the task. "We work hard to improve the environment, from air quality and global warming to managing forests. I feel good about all the work we do. At STI, I have a career. It's not just a job."St. Francis Winery & VineyardsSECOND-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- With a quest to become the premier producer of Sonoma County wines in each target category, St. Francis thanks its vibrant and engaged workforce for moving the firm closer to achieving its goal.

"The management team provides a wonderful work environment where employees are encouraged to give feedback for improvements," an employee said. "Anybody who wishes can walk into the CEO's office and he listens to them, no matter what. Everyone here tries to keep doing better."

President and CEO Christopher Silva said, "Our time at St. Francis will not be measured in years, but by contributions each one of us makes to constantly improving the quality of our grapes and wines."

As employees, "We're committed to the highest quality products, environmentally friendly business practices and a fun, wholesome working environment."

On-site nutrition and exercise seminars are offered as well as confidential health and wellness screenings for every employee at no charge along with a turkey and a few bottles of wine at Thanksgiving.Summit State BankTHREE-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- Summit employees know they are part of an organization that is making a difference in their community by supporting small businesses and nonprofits.

"The 'Summit Way' encourages a sense of urgency to help our customers and each other. The feeling of "we are all on the same team" is one that is shared by all," an employee said.

Some of these service standards include having a can-do attitude, returning phone calls and emails the same day, treating co-workers with the same respect as customers, handling customers as if your life depended on it and always expecting excellence in yourself.

President and CEO Tom Duryea said, "The quality of our staff continues to attract top quality customers enabling us to be ranked as the top community bank in Sonoma County."

Employees said, "Managers treat us as though we are their best asset. We are deeply committed to giving customers the advantages of a big bank with the benefits of a local community bank."


WINDSOR -- Throughout its 20-year history, the town has been known as a "Healthy City," offering programs and opportunities for employees and residents that promote a healthful lifestyle, including walking and bike-to-work programs.

 "We do our best to serve the community even during difficult times when there is less money and fewer resources," an employee said.

Town Manager J. Matthew Mullan said, "We've made a special effort to communicate with employees and the community about our financial status to solicit ideas on streamlining processes while cutting costs and maintaining salaries."

Another worker said, "The town has created a culture that genuinely values its employees and offers a wide range of experience and training along with various opportunities for advancement. My co-workers are always ready to assist when asked. We have the latitude to be creative and think outside the box."

Windsor has a reputation as a family-friendly environment. "Parks and Recreation employees make Summer Nights on the Green movies and concerts a tremendous success so everyone can enjoy free entertainment."Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.FOUR-TIME WINNER

PETALUMA -- At WFI, people are treated as professionals and continue to meet and exceed expectations.

"We're given all the tools and it's up to us how far we want to go. There's empowerment and recognition which generates a constant motivation to do better and aim higher," an employee said.

"There's a can-do spirit here, an attitude that emerges in full force to support our community within our walls and throughout Sonoma County," said managing partner Mark Stokes.

"Our company, like many others, has experienced many changes over the past few years. In each instance employees have risen to the challenge and continue to provide superior customer service."

An employee said, "It's all about people! Having a comfortable, supportive and genuine team atmosphere are the most important aspects of a job, and the people we work with make it great. The resources we have to offer our clients are incredible.

"We share a sense of security by being part of one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world."WRA Environmental ConsultantsTWO-TIME WINNER

SAN RAFAEL -- A culture of cooperation and support, achieved by cultivating individual strengths and walking the talk, is how employees describe WRA, a provider of consulting services focusing on wetland and endangered species issues.

"Our company has a group of intelligent, experienced, and humorous individuals with a unifying sense of purpose and integrity," an employee said.

President Thomas Fraser said, "We have a strong, shared vision -- to practice the highest standards of scientific objectivity while serving our clients and the environment. This includes staying competitive and on the cutting edge in the environmental industry."

"WRA has a sustainability policy that promotes and rewards green behavior such as lowering the carbon footprint with commuter credits. Carpool points lead to free vacation hours."

The firm has a retirement program and other great benefits, such as sharing profits with employees twice a year.

"A team of caring, professional individuals, whose common goals of doing a great job and having a good time, make the company extraordinary."