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SAN RAFAEL -- Agent support, a cheerful environment, tremendous staff energy and owners that are inspiring and motivating are the words used to describe Bradley Real Estate and its 375 employees.

"Robert and Melissa Bradley are the most generous, informed and proactive leaders I have ever encountered," an agent said. "They are always there for us. I go to them with a question and they answer. They stand by their word."

CEO Robert Bradley said, "BRE is dedicated to giving all of our Realtors the technology, training and managerial support they need to succeed. We also incorporate contests and other events to motivate and maintain high morale."

Sponsored activities have included Super Bowl tickets, cruises, concerts and sporting events.

"They strive to make employees know they count. Management's inclusive approach is infectious across all lines and positions, producing a happy, progressive and professional pro-business atmosphere.

"It's a tough industry to be in right now and our company supports our efforts and we co-workers are willing to assist others."Exchange BankSEVEN-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- With a 122-year legacy of investing in and giving back to giving back to the community, combined with superior customer service, bank employees have a stable work environment with long-term career opportunities.

The bank has 70 employees with 20-plus years of service and two with 40 years.

"This is a very employee-driven place to be! They help pay for your child care, fair pay and even free services through HR to help better your life," an employee said.

President and CEO William Schrader said, "The recent economy has been a challenge. We have an emergency loan program to provide short-term, interest-free loans up to $500 to employees with temporary difficulties, and have provided larger, interest-free loans to employees experiencing significant medical costs under our compassionate loan program. We also offer two PTO days in addition to regular time off."

Another employee said, "There is a strong social, moral and ethical rudder at this company. I love working here, and being part of something great. "Mary's Pizza ShackFIRST-TIME WINNER

SONOMA -- "When you enter the restaurant, it's like walking into your family dining room. Everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable," an employee said.

Dishes are cooked from scratch, the atmosphere is fun and the owners strive to instill founder Mary Fazio's philosophy of caring for others and serving the best quality food.

"This is my grandmother's company," said CEO Vince Albano. "We continue to bring her feeling of family into our business. We get to know our crew members and help accommodate their personal lives."

 Another worker said, "Mary's gave me the chance to start from the bottom and move up. I feel if I work hard for them, they will work hard for me."

Mary's acknowledges and celebrates employee anniversaries, and if anyone is sick, or loses a family member, managers send cards, gift baskets and flowers. Crews come together to donate funds to employees in need, often matched by Mary's with a portion of a day's sales to help support the family.Redwood Credit UnionSEVEN-TIME WINNER

SANTA ROSA -- When the economy went south, RCU felt it had an obligation to work with its 220,000 members to enable them continue to achieve their hopes and dreams.

"We live by our mission, vision and values. As a newer employee, it's a breath of fresh air to genuinely feel valued and to know that our commitment to our members and community is not just talk," an employee said.

"Our people are the number one reason RCU is a great place to work and a great place to do business," said Brett Martinez, president and CEO. "As a cooperative, helping people is our purpose and passion."

The atmosphere is enticing. There is a sense of belonging where everyone wants to do the right thing for each other, members and local communities.

"The positive culture is something felt, not told -- embraced, not forced -- and inviting, not exclusionary. It defines us and is one of the reasons employees refer their friends to come work and bank at RCU," an employee added.