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SANTA ROSA -- With 270,000 team members in 39 states, Wells Fargo Business Services is conveniently located to meet the needs of customers who travel and firms with nationwide operations.

"Wells Fargo's contribution to society and our country's economy makes me proud to be here. I enjoy working with each team member and know that my manager cares about me as a person and is very supportive of what I do."

According to Greg Morgan, community banking regional president, "Everyone at Wells Fargo is important and deserves respect for who they are and how they can contribute to our success."

"We say 'team member' not 'employees' because our people are a precious resource to be invested in, not expenses to be managed, and because teamwork is essential to help customers succeed financially."

 Another team member said, "We have many opportunities within the company to learn additional skill sets, and the offsite training is second to none in our industry."