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Brokerage abbreviations: CBCBV = Coldwell Banker Commercial Brokers of the Valley; K&C = Keegan & Coppin/ONCOR InternationalLEASES

size at address, city; property type; tenant; procuring agent; owner; listing agent; deal date (occupancy date)Marin County

1,782sf at 1401 Los Gamos Road, #102, San Rafael; office; IT Source Technology Inc.; na; Security Mortgage Group; Nathan Ballard & Matt Storms of K&C; Sept. 25

983sf at 11 Commercial Blvd., #1 & 2, Novato; office; Kent Homeopathic Associates, LP; na; Commercial Boulevard, LP; Nathan Ballard & Theo Banks of K&C; Aug. 30

960sf at 28 Paul Dr., #G, San Rafael; industrial; Tamalpais Hardwood Floors; Matt Wagner of K&C; BMI; Matt Storms of K&C; Sept. 18

780sf at 372 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., #G, Novato; office; Spicery LLC; Russ Mayer of K&C; Bel Marin Associates; na; June 18

521sf at 101 Lucas Valley Rd., #326, San Rafael; office; Marin County Bar Association; na; FJM Lucas Valley Associates, LP; Nathan Ballard, Theo Banks & Matt Storms of K&C; Sept. 14

518sf at 35 Mitchell, #6, San Rafael; office; Jeffrey Moss; Vesa Becam of K&C; Ronald F Antonioli Trust; Vesa Becam of K&C; Sept. 19

405sf at 131 Camino Alto, #E-4, Mill Valley; office; Marilyn Enos; Theo Banks of K&C; LRC Ltd.; na; Sept. 11Napa County

4,400sf at 1141 First St., Napa; retail, relocation; NakedWines.com; na; Altamura Enterprises; John Schaefer of Terranomics Retail Services; October

2,400sf at 1124 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga; retail; Merchant Brothers Properties LLC; na; Bay Sierra-Norcal Properties LLC; William Severi of North Bay Property Advisors; Oct. 12; $425,000

1,394sf at 1812 Soscol Ave., Napa; industrial, warehouse; In Motion Fitness Studio; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Jessell Trust & Patterson Trust; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Sept. 28 (Nov. 1)

1,050sf at 3421 Valle Verde Dr., Napa; office, medical; Margaret A. Schlatter, M.D.; Adam Green of CBCBV; Ron Arndt; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; Sept. 14 (Dec. 1)

924sf at 1147 First St., Napa; retail; Napa Valley Adventure Tours LLC; Adam Green of CBCBV; Ahmad Mike Alimusa; Adam Green of CBCBV; Sept. 27 (Nov. 1)

900sf at 477 Devlin Rd., #102, Napa; office; Felix Solis Avantis; Michael Moffett of CBCBV; NVGL1 LP; Michael Miller & Randy Wood of K&C; Oct. 1 (Nov. 1)Sonoma County

10,000sf at 160 Todd Road, Santa Rosa; industrial; Lawson Mechanical Contractors; Jeffrey Wilmore of K&C; Todd Associates LLC; Jim Sartain, Joel Jaman & Bill Faherty of K&C; Sept. 7

7,997sf at 240 Classic Ct., Rohnert Park; industrial; Golden State Overnight; na; Philip M. & Patricia S. Gelhaus Trust; Rhonda Deringer & Jim Sartain of K&C; Sept. 9

5,075sf at 135 Utility Ct., #A, Rohnert Park; industrial; Central Valley Environmental; Peter Briceño of K&C; August Lovmark; Annette Cooper of K&C; Oct. 8

4,350sf at 2985 Dutton Ave., #12, Santa Rosa; industrial; B&B Precision; Annette Cooper of K&C; Manor Development Co.; CJ Rico & Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Sept. 7

4,000sf at 50 E St., Santa Rosa; office; Better Homes Real Estate; na; Duarte Family Partners; Dino D’Argenzio of K&C; Sept. 15

2,740sf at 3100 Dutton Ave., #130, Santa Rosa; industrial; Northbay Roofing & Gutters Inc.; CJ Rico & Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Manor Development Co.; CJ Rico & Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Oct. 3

2,333sf at 737 Southpoint Blvd., #E, Petaluma; office, renewal; CA-AVRS; Russ Mayer & Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Reid Family; James Manley of K&C; July 16

2,200sf at 520 Mercantile Dr., #C, Cotati; industrial; Xandex Inc.; Chris Castellucci of K&C; David Biggio; na; Sept. 9

1,568sf at 5625 State Farm Dr., #43 & 45, Rohnert Park; industrial; Jason Moore; Peter Briceño & Kevin Doran of K&C; New California Land Co.; Peter Briceño & Kevin Doran of K&C; Sept. 20

1,500sf at 55 Ridgeway Ave., #C, Santa Rosa; industrial; D’Argenzio Winery; Dino D’Argenzio of K&C; Donaldson Properties; na; Dec. 22

434sf at 2425 Cleveland Ave., #150, Santa Rosa; office; AWL Inc.; Doug Braik of K&C; Rich Lockwood; Doug Braik of K&C; Sept. 8

300sf at 2425 Cleveland Ave., #220, Santa Rosa; office; Bluetail Industries; Doug Braik of K&C; Rich Lockwood; Doug Braik of K&C; Sept. 28

168sf at 4000 Montgomery Dr., #A-3, Santa Rosa; office; Sustainability Inc.; Doug Braik of K&C; Vern Cooper Co. LLC; Doug Braik of K&C; Aug. 23SALES

size at address, city; property type; buyer; procuring agent; seller; listing agent; date; valueSonoma County

7,200sf at 1120 15th St., Santa Rosa; industrial; Geary Rea; Doug Braik & Mike Flitner of K&C; Carinalli Liquidating Trust; Kevin Doran & Peter Briceño of K&C; Oct. 10; $206,600

1,464sf at 1820 Empire Industrial Ct., #F, Santa Rosa; industrial; Dana O’Gorman 1996 Trust; Mike Flitner of K&C; AJ Ventures Inc.; Shawn Johnson & Brian Keegan of K&C; Oct. 4; na

833sf at 156 Johnson St., Windsor (Town Green Village); office; Onna & Loy Rayos; Rhonda Deringer & CJ Rico of K&C; NWK2 Inc. (Rabobank); Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Oct. 12; $105,000