PETALUMA -- Sharing a common vision, the founders of Paragon Label and Vintners Global Resource have formed a strategic partnership to provide small-and-medium-size wineries with a package of labels, bottles, supplies and services from a single source.

At the same time, Paragon Label is expanding its manufacturing capabilities with new technology, software, equipment and materials.

[caption id="attachment_68355" align="alignleft" width="329"] Andy Brassington (left), CEO of Vintners Global Resource, and Jason Grossman, CEO of Paragon Label, have formed a strategic partnership for labels, bottles, closures, packaging and other winery one-stop shop services.[/caption]

“Our customers are the most important part of this equation,” said Jason Grossman, CEO and founder of Petaluma-based Paragon Label (707-773-4363, paragonlabel.com). “We want to do everything we can to help our clients have access to the most efficient logistical support system possible through one vendor -- while leaving the rest to us.”

 While shaping their joint venture as a one-stop-shop, winery customers will still be able to pick and choose only those services they require.

As family owned and operated firms, both Paragon Label and VGR management teams can relate to those who operate family wineries.

According to Andy Brassington, CEO of VGR in Kent, Wash., “Our goal is to offer everything from the highest quality labels to bottles, closures of all types, as well as silk screen printing, warehousing, transportation and ultimately an outside team of designers to help winery owners create a public image for their dreams.”

The partners see their venture as a solution provider giving time back to winery owners so they won’t have to manage multiple vendor networks, freeing them up to focus on making wine and building their brands.

“There are no minimum order requirements. We do the sourcing, stock inventory and arrange for trucking all on one invoice and one price,” Mr. Brassington said.

[caption id="attachment_68358" align="alignleft" width="246"] New wood veneer wine labels being printed on a Paragon Label web press. Advanced technology and materials are being introduced to the manufacturing mix, including MacDermid plates, an Esko operating system, as well as laser and inkjet printing technology.[/caption]

“We ask our customers to give us their best estimate of an annual forecast. We stock bottles to meet and exceed this estimate against a purchase order allowing clients to draw down only what they need when they need it.”

VGR (888-250-1851, vintnersglobal.com) is an established bottle distributor with warehouses and representatives in California, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and China. The firm plans to add Stockton to this list in the near future.  Paragon Label is also stocking VGR inventory in Petaluma.

While primarily focused on the western U.S., VGR also distributes bottles in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

VGR has established relationships with Bennu Glass in Kalama, Wash.; Alliance Packaging in Renton, Wash.; as well as providers of metal screw-top and Nova Twistplastic closures.

The company plans to announce an agreement with a leading cork supplier soon. VGR has also teamed with Tri-S, Inc., specializing in bottle screen printing, located in Tualatin, Ore.

To meet the challenges of an ever- changing marketplace, Paragon is deploying Esko’s pre-press solutions as well as a new software operating system for packaging design and commercial printing.

Paragon, a provider of digital and flexographic pressure-sensitive label printing, precision foiling, embossing and rotary screen printing services, has won more than 35 national and international awards for technical excellence in label printing and for its innovative environmental practices.

The company has adapted laser technology, using equipment obtained from the former Lasercraft Inc., to add dynamic dimensions to the production of wine labels.

Mr. Grossman is introducing a new label substrate using ultra thin wood veneers as a printing surface capable of being threaded through a web press without cracking or stretching.

[caption id="attachment_68356" align="alignright" width="400"] Pressman Jeff Xayavong (left) and Jason Grossman, CEO of Paragon Label, with some of the company's new web-fed wood veneer wine labels.[/caption]

“When using natural wood, each label will be unique with differing background wood grains, colors and hues,” he said.

Paragon has installed MacDermid plates that offer high end offset quality and fine detailing for each project.

In addition, the company has plans to bring inkjet printing technology to the North Bay.

While some 90 percent of Paragon’s labels are destined for the wine industry, the firm also produces labels for the spirits industry, cosmetic firms, nutraceutical suppliers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar producers as well as a candle-making company.

Paragon is also expanding its reach to new wine growing regions in Arizona and Colorado.

“Both Andy and I know what it’s like to have to work with a number of vendors and suppliers.  We want to find ways to simplify this process. Like family owned wineries, we plan to stay in business for the long term and do what we can to take the hassle out of back office sourcing by offering a consistent program of mutual support for our customers,” Mr. Grossman said.

Paragon Label just released its new website designed by SOGO Creative.