SAUSALITO -- One year after launching its Inside Connections for job seekers on Facebook, Glassdoor is looking to innovate further.

[caption id="attachment_71960" align="alignright" width="216"] Glassdoor is moving quickly to develop mobile apps for “the future of job hunting,” among them this one showing job listings.[/caption]

The user-driven site for employers and potential employees has a new analytical tool for companies, new mobile applications for a variety of devices and four new top tier domains abroad to push out its subscriber base internationally.

The free Inside Connections application has turned out to be a wildly successful marketing tool for Glassdoor, according to community expert Scott Dobroski.

“Worldwide our users jumped ninefold, from 2 million to 19 million in one year,” he said. “It shows you the power of Facebook and Glassdoor combined.”

Glassdoor provides a user-generated inside look at jobs and companies, including anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more  –  all posted by employees, job seekers, and sometimes the companies themselves. Over 4 million salaries and reviews are available on the site.

Job seekers who visit Glassdoor on Facebook can search among their own friends and their friends’ friends for someone who works for a target company, a widening ripple of possible referrals that has the potential to tap more than half of Facebook’s 1 billion users.

[caption id="attachment_71962" align="alignleft" width="284"] A new analytic tool for employers charts job click activity.[/caption]

Referrals, according to staffing and recruitment companies, are the number one path to a good job.

“What we found was that the job searchers spread the word about Glassdoor along the way,” said Mr. Dobroski.

The successful foray into social media encouraged Glassdoor to push ahead with mobile applications, “where the future of job hunting is clearly going,” he said.

In February and March of this year the company released versions of its application for Apple’s iOS (iPhone operating system) and Android.

To leverage the spate of new users overseas Glassdoor just launched four new top-tier domains: the United Kingdom, Canada, India and Australia now have their own URLs.  Under wraps are plans to expand into selected non-English-speaking countries by the end of the year or in 2014.

While the ever-expanding user group makes Glassdoor known globally, job seekers don’t pay the bills. Employers -- about 700 use the company to recruit and hire – are its bread and butter, driving revenue growth 170 percent during the past year, according to Mr. Dobroski.

Glassdoor recently launched the latest perk for subscribers, an analytic tool that identifies visitors to their profile page by gender, age and location and also tells where else they are looking.

“It allows them to narrow their recruitment efforts geographically or demographically,” said Mr. Dobroski.

The new Employer Center also allows companies to track anonymous feedback and ratings trends from employees, and benchmark their brand’s reputation against competitors.

The service is available for free with an enhanced version for paying customers according to Glassdoor’s usual business model.

Although the company has spawned imitators, none approach the number of Glassdoor users.

“We clearly are in the lead, a lead we mean to keep by constantly improving the experience for both job seekers and employers,” said Mr. Dobroski.

For more information visit www.glassdoor.com.