It is time once again for the Human Race, and this attorney is still part of it (It’s hard to believe an attorney is human, isn’t it?) I raise money for the American Cancer Society in the annual Human Race, sponsored by the Volunteer Center, being held on May 11 this year.

[caption id="attachment_71975" align="alignright" width="360"] At the Finish Line![/caption]

So, why am I writing you? (I’ll give you one guess.) You are so perceptive; yes, I am asking for your help (and big money) to help beat cancer, to save more lives, and to find a cure. Cancer touches everyone in some way, and I have lost both parents, my sister-in-law, other family members and too many friends over the years, but we can also be very thankful that millions of people have survived cancer (including me) and can continue to celebrate their birthdays, thanks in large part to the research and efforts of the American Cancer Society.

The theme this year is Grow, Bloom & Go! – which is very appropriate for me:1. Grow

• I already did, to 6’6”.

• To date, I have raised $340,000 since I began this even in 1989 (thanks to very generous people like you).

• Since it began in 1981, the Human Race has raised over $14,000,000 for local non-profit organizations (#1 in the U.S.A.).

• Cancer survival rates continue to grow, grow and grow some more.

• My annual solicitation letters and photographs of me at the finish line now have their own section at the Sonoma County Dump and Recycling Center (visit the shrine sometime and light a candle).2. Bloom

• I bloomed (aged) long ago and am losing my petals (hair).

• The American Cancer Society is the #1 cancer-fighting organization in the world (can’t get any better). Last year, 253 local non-profit organizations received over $700,000 through the efforts of about 8,500 participants in the Human Race (the #1 event in Sonoma County).

• This is the 10th anniversary of my own cancer survival (thank you, God).3. Go!

• Many who receive my annual letter tell me to “Go to H___.”

• I will run, walk (or crawl) the 10K race course if you make a generous donation.

• I may have to go during the long race (there are bathrooms along the way).

• Go write a big check now, or get online (see directions below) and make a generous donation for me (you won’t regret it).

I continue to offer valuable incentives for large and generous donations:

1. For $5,000 I will include you in my Will (how about my used Human Race T-shirts since 1989?)

2. For $2,500 or more, I will do your bidding for a day. Just remember my age (old), back and knees (bad) and mind (weak & simple), and please be nice (we may need to negotiate the terms).

3. For the first to donate $1,000, I will recognize your generosity in my hundreds of thank-you letters; and I can promote your cause or business on the day of the Race (sign, t-shirt or other agreed-upon media – no tutu).

4. For $500, one free hour of my legal services (priceless ... or worthless?).

5. For $100, a surprise gift or, if desired, you can also make a donation of $100 or more in memory of, or in support of, a loved one who suffered from cancer or other illness, and I will dedicate my race to all those honored people (I will again carry their photographs with me if you provide one, and I hope I need a big backpack).

6. For $50 or more, the ever-so-popular photo of me at the finish line (get the 2013 edition. Hopefully it will still be daylight).

7. For less than $50 (oh, come on; you can do better!), my gratitude (every dollar counts).

Whatever amount you can give will help save lives and make me bloom again. Donate using a credit card by going to my personal web page at the Volunteer Center’s website: www.humanracenow.org/goto/jobrien. Click “Donate Now” and follow directions.

 Thank you for your support.


John R. O’Brien