Lloyd Martin

Facilities manager, Schramsberg Vineyards, 1400 Schramsberg Rd., Calistoga  94515, 707-942-2400, schramsberg.com

Age: 44

Residence: Napa

Professional background: 17 years at Schramsberg Vineyards, along with 10 years of currently owning and operating a bottle etching business; head of maintenance for Sherwood Forest Apartments in Reno for 3 years, started career painting houses in San Francisco at age 18.

Education: Napa High School and, of course, the School of Hard Knocks.

Staff: five

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I like to get my day started early and am usually at the winery by 6:30 a.m. I haven’t called in sick once in 17 years.  I am very accommodating to lots of last minute requests and, if I do say so myself, I’m a great problem solver.

What do you see as the role of the facilities manager within your organization? Maintaining the property from the start of Schramsberg Road to the top of the property and everything in between, including the buildings, the gardens and the water system.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?: Having my staff work together as a team.

 What is your biggest challenge today?:  Every day has some unexpected challenges in this line of work. Some days are more challenging than others: Loss of power, trees down on the road, broken water pipes, cars in ditches, etc.

What the next major project?: Wastewater facility upgrades and renovations to the historic Schram house.

What product or service is helping you do your job more effectively?: The smartphone. Constant and direct communication is very important in day-to-day operations.

How do you think your profession will change in the next five years?: I envision a higher emphasis on becoming greener as well as continued increased compliance and employee-safety concerns. We’ve gone from burning brush piles to chipping and composting. We recycle everything we can.

The cost of insurance has sky-rocketed over the past few years, so a better focus on safety and prevention training is crucial along with documentation and regular employee meetings.

Most admired businessperson outside your organization: The entire CalFire staff just down the road from Schramsberg.

Current reading: Forgotten by David Baldocchi

Most want to meet: Clint Eastwood

Stress relievers: Walking the dogs after work.

Favorite hobbies: Kayaking, mining, fishing, camping -- anything outdoors.

Words that best describe you: Trusted, dependable and sometimes humorous.