Christina Pratt, co-owner and president of Trope Group at the June 28 Facilities Managers Recognition Awards luncheon:

Good afternoon.   

I would first like to thank the North Bay Business Journal for creating this event and for the wisdom to recognize the efforts of those in the facilities management profession, which have an enormous impact on the organizations they serve. At Trope Group, the facilities manager is very often our primary point of contact and, because we partner with you on a day to day basis, we see first-hand how hard you work.  We also see how, sometimes those efforts are taken for granted.  Things are just supposed to work- and you mostly get to hear about it when they don’t. 

So that is why we are here -- to shine a light on your accomplishments and talk about what it takes to provide efficient and professional environments, without which, the work of others could not happen and without which businesses could not succeed.

I would also like to thank the winners for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be here. I know it is not easy. Last year, at our inaugural event, there was a facilities manager here who had to spend most of the luncheon emailing the office, because a VP was trying to rearrange the seating plan during the middle of an office move. Another was out in the hall, telling her team who to call to deal with a burst pipe.  Both shall remain nameless. May everything run smoothly at your sites today so you can enjoy these moments.