NAPA -- The Napa Tourism Improvement District said lodging revenue is up 18 percent over the year, indicating the district is exceeding its expectations.

The 18 percent increase in lodging revenues occurred between fiscal years 2011--2012 and 2012--2013. In addition to revenues, the amount contributed to support for local nonprofits and events, social media engagement and public relations has increased, according to Augustine Ideas, which the city hired to handle its publicity and efforts surrounding the TID. The Sacramento-based public relations firm said this last fiscal year was the TID's "most successful year yet."

The TID was established in 2010 as part of a broader county wide effort to put Napa on par with its neighboring counties in terms of tourism funding and has grown each year, officials have said. Visit Napa Valley, the county's official tourism booster, was able to increase its annual budget from $437,000 to now more than $5 million. Before the county moved forward with the regional TID, each of the county's five cities approved of a local version that generated income for their own tourism efforts, while a portion goes to the county effort.

The city of Napa, at the time the TID passed, was projected to receive $300,000 annually as a result of the 2 percent assessment on hotels.

Since July 2010, when the assessment became effective, lodging businesses, excluding vacation rentals, in the city of Napa have collected $5.142 million, according to Robin Klingbeil, project coordinator for the city of Napa Economic Development Division. Of that total, 74 percent is distributed to the county wide TID overseen by Visit Napa Valley. The remaining 25 percent -- nearly $1.3 million -- goes to the Napa TID local governing committee and 1 percent goes toward an administrative fee. 

Additionally, the Napa TID has earned over 1 billion media impressions and reached a large audience via social media. Specific to the last six months, the Napa TID has earned over 1,000 Pinterest followers, over 700 Instagram followers and over 6,000 Twitter followers. More than 78,000 users have been engaged on Facebook with more than 9,163,040 million impressions. The Do Napa social media platforms collectively engage and reach more travelers than any other city in the Napa Valley.

The Napa TID also renewed its Do Napa Overnight Kit promotion, which encourages guest to stay an additional night. In the last year, over 700 kits were given out, resulting in over $140,000 in additional lodging revenue.

"We’re very pleased with the work that has been done to increase heads-in-beds and travel to the city of Napa,” said Sara Brooks, chairperson of the Napa Tourism Improvement District. “All of us are proud of the city in which we live, work and play and are fortunate to share that with others. Great successes have been made and we look forward to what will be accomplished as we continue to move forward and show the world why Napa is such a wonderful destination.”