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San Rafael Chamber of Commerce took positions on three issues. First, the chamber supports the upcoming bond measure to rebuild the aging Marin General Hospital. Second, the chamber opposes recent efforts to recall Marin County District 1 Supervisor Susan Adams. Third, the chamber endorses these land-use matters: city of San Rafael’s Citizen Advisory Committee processes to develop visions for area plans, retention of the downtown and Civic Center SMART stations, priority development area designations, and the creation of mixed-use commercial space and workforce housing at Marinwood Plaza.Nonprofits

Sonoma County Museum received a $160,000 two-year Exploring Engagement grant from the James Irvine Foundation. The grant supports the museum's community outreach efforts to increase active involvement in the arts among Sonoma County's low-income, culturally diverse immigrant families through art workshops in nontraditional venues. The museum plans a series of four multipart art and storytelling workshops working with Sonoma County artists Mario Uribe, Linda Schroeter, Fred Vedder and Paul Gaudreau. The artists were selected based on their extensive teaching experience as well as their backgrounds in working with diverse cultural groups.Technology

Petaluma's HydroPoint DataSystems, Inc., maker of "smart" water-management solutions, expanded irrigation flow capabilities with the introduction of WeatherTRAK FlowLink and new flow-management features available at WeatherTRAK Central, the company's web-based centralized irrigation-control platform. Delivering reliable, real-time visibility and user-friendly, advanced diagnostics, WeatherTRAK enables irrigation and landscape professionals to monitor and respond rapidly from the field, office or mobile device. The new tools quickly address system leaks and mainline breaks to reduce property risks and costs associated with water damage.

Novato's Ultragenyx expanded its exclusive license from Baylor Research Institute in Dallas to develop and commercialize Triheptanoin, or UX007, outside North America. The global license includes rights to patents, patent applications and other intellectual property related to the composition and formulation of UX007 as well as its use in treating a number of diseases including fatty-acid oxidation disorders, the lead indication being developed by the company.