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A group of top health insurance brokers in the North Bay are putting aside their competitive natures to form a nonprofit organization that they say will focus exclusively on lowering health insurance costs for mid-sized employers in the region.

Brokers from some — though not all — of the North Bay’s most influential insurance agencies are creating the Task Force on Lowering Health Insurance Costs, modeled on a similar effort for Fortune 500 companies that doesn’t exist for the mid-sized employers throughout the state.

“The purpose is to create a nonprofit entity to help employers reduce their health care costs,” said Keith McNeil, a broker with The SSM Group in Novato who was instrumental in forming the Task Force.

From fewer carriers to a return to managed care under the Affordable Care Act, much has changed in both the delivery of health care and health insurance over the past 25 years. But little has changed in how brokers and employers negotiate with health plans and providers, brokers said.

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