PETALUMA --  Cyan (NYSE: CYNI) has seen its revenues grow 100 percent for two years running.

The company is a hybrid of sorts, taking telecom and other communications hardware and turning it into software.

Cyan is a pioneer in software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. Along with its packet optical solutions and network functions virtualization applications, the company is changing the way telecoms, cable operators, transport providers and data centers operate.

According to Joe Cumello, Cyan’s chief marketing officer, the company mostly stands alone in the space.

[caption id="attachment_79295" align="alignright" width="360"] A Cyan multilayer network diagram[/caption]

“Our SDN software was specially developed for network operators and there’s very little competition for software-defined systems for those types of companies,” he said.

There is quite a bit of competition in the packet optical space, he added, but “Cyan’s solution delivers best-in-class performance at a lower price point because we use SDN concepts to disaggregate the software from the hardware.”

Founded in 2006 by telecom veterans, Cyan had grown from 30 employees to 103 in 2011 to over 300 today. The company reported revenues of $96 million in 2012, and raised $91 million in a public offering in May of this year.

Cyan has grown its customer list of telecom providers, cable operators, data centers and transport providers to 150, including 85 customers for its SDN platform.

“I think Cyan has grown so quickly because there’s a desparate need in the customer base for software technology like the kind Cyan supplies, which allows them to manage and orchestrate very complex networks,” said Mr. Cumello.

“We are tapping into a real market requirement and need. We intend to continue aggressively growing the businesss based on the market opportunity in front of us.”