FORESTVILLE -- Santa Rosa Junior College has launched a new Shone Farm Wine Club, hoping to further raise public awareness of the college's 365-acre Shone Farm near Forestville and generate new revenue for agriculture education programs.

The club is a first for Shone Farm, which received approval to operate a bonded winery in 2008. While the winery exists for educational purposes, those wines have received increased attention after receiving awards that have included gold for its 2010 Pinot Noir in the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The farm also hosts 70 acres of vineyards, and sells the majority of its fruit to regional wineries.

The club is structured to give participants a broader opportunity to witness the various activities under the college's agriculture and culinary programs. Members will have the opportunity to participate in student-lead tours of the farm, harvest parties and dinners, while also receiving discounts on the farm's community-supported agriculture program, award-winning olive oil and the Culinary Cafe Bakery near the main campus in Santa Rosa. Members will also receive free access to college theater and athletic events.

Shone Farm will host an initial wine club pick up event in conjunction with its Fall Harvest Festival on Oct. 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Membership ranges from $78 to $95, with more information available at