[caption id="attachment_83717" align="alignnone" width="500"] The annual growth rate of North Bay industry jobs has been slowing in recent months. (image credit: North Bay Business Journal; click to enlarge)[/caption]

Unemployment rates across the North Bay dropped in September and largely remained the same in October, according to two months of state figures released.

Sonoma County's jobless rate was preliminarily figured to be 6.1 percent in October, unchanged from a revised 6.1 percent in September but well below the year-ago estimate of 7.8 percent, according to the state Employment Development Department.

The county had 2,200 more industry jobs in October from a year before, a gain of 1.2 percent, according to state estimates.

Over the month, the government sector added 2,600 jobs, while other monthly gains occurred in education and health services, at 400, and trade, transportation and utilities, at 300.

Over the year, the trades and leisure and hospitality industries had the most gains, 800 apiece, while education and health added 500.

The unemployment rate in the Solano County was 7.7 percent in October, unchanged from a revised 7.7 percent in September, and below the year-ago estimate of 9.4 percent.

Over the month, education and health added the most jobs, at 400, while yearly gains occurred in education and health, leisure and hospitality, each with 800 jobs, while the trades added 700.

Marin County once again had the lowest rate in California -- at 4.8 percent in October, down a full point from last year's 5.8 percent. Marin industry employment figures for this year aren't yet available.

Napa County's rate was 5.3 percent in October, unchanged from a revised 5.3 percent in September 2013, and below the year-ago estimate of 6.7 percent. 

Monthly gains occurred in manufacturing, which includes the wine industry, adding 400 jobs. Professional and business services added 300. Over the year, manufacturing and hospitality led the way, each adding 900 jobs, while construction and the trades added 400 apiece.

Lake County's rate in October was 11.5 percent, up from September's revised rate of 11.1 percent, but well below last year's rate of 13.7 percent

Mendocino County's rate in October was 7.1 percent, virtually unchanged from September and below last year's rate of 8.5 percent. Yearly gains occurred in trades, transportation and utilities and leisure and hospitality, each adding 80 jobs, while the government sector added 90 jobs.Unemployment rates in the North BayAreaAugust








2013Lake County14.0%13.3%13.7%11.6%11.1%11.5%Marin County6.4%5.9%5.8%5.0%4.7%4.8%Mendocino County9.1%8.5%8.5%7.3%7.0%7.1%Napa County7.4%6.8%6.7%5.8%5.3%5.3%Solano County10.1%9.4%9.4%8.1%7.7%7.7%Sonoma County8.6%7.8%7.8%6.6%6.1%6.1%

Source: California Employment Development Department.