(Editor’s Note: This is taken from business consultant Mary Luttrell’s email newsletter. Mary's monthly column, Luttrell on Leadership, will appear periodically in the Business Journal.)

Dear Readers: 

Thank you so much for the many wonderful replies I received in response to my announcement that I am transitioning from writing a weekly Tuesday Minute with Mary to writing on an occasional basis. It was very heartwarming to read your comments about this change and what my Tuesday Minutes have meant to you - thank you! After four years, this will be my last weekly Tuesday Minute. Starting in 2014, I will be writing An Occasional Tuesday Minute with Mary, with no predetermined schedule, just whenever the inspiration appears!

As I mentioned, I am closing this particular chapter of my work in order to see what the next chapter may be. It's always challenging to end something, especially if it's going well, but I am confident that there are undiscovered opportunities that will become evident once a vacuum is created.

I recently came across a wonderful quote by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. It relates beautifully to this idea of a new beginning; and it's a lovely thought to start out the new year:  "Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout."Food for thought

Periodically evaluating our activities and priorities is a useful exercise to have in our repertoire. Once we have completed the evaluation process, we can then decide if there are things we may want or need to stop doing, as well as to start doing. The turning of the calendar year is an opportune time, but of course, we can do this anytime. A new beginning is a time of discovery and growth, revelation and change. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and a bit scary, but it's also liberating and exciting.Question for the day

Is there something you might wish to let go of at this time? Is there an ending that's called for? Is there an important New Beginning that could emerge if you were to give it time and space? What fertile seeds may be in your heart, waiting to sprout?In closing

All of my Tuesday Minutes are archived on my website. I invite you to visit maryluttrell.com to read them often. And remember to be on the lookout for An Occasional Tuesday Minute with Mary!

Until we meet again, with warm regards....

Mary Luttrell helps business leaders turn challenges into opportunities, moving them to new levels of success. Her firm was named one of the 100 Leading Management Consulting Firms in North America. Ms. Luttrell is an ISO-Certified Management Consultant, a certification awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA in recognition of professional achievement in technical competencies, client and project management, and ethics. Ms. Luttrell can be reached at 707-887-2256 or thecoach@sonic.net. Visit her website at www.maryluttrell.com.