North Bay Business Journal just published a list of the top 22 cooperages and wine barrel brokers serving the North Coast.

The biggest change on the list this year was the move of Leroi Barrels and Charlois Cooperage USA from No. 5 to No. 1, based on North Coast employees. Increased production and business in Europe were cited reasons for the increased staffing.

Some top cooperages on last year's list were not ranked this year because they didn't respond to questionnaires or wouldn't note how many employees they had.

The list was published on page 8 of the Jan. 13 issue. (View the list in the E-Edition at or as a downloadable Microsoft Excel document at

If there are changes needed for this list, or you know of a company that should be considered for inclusion, contact Research Director Joann Dinova at 707-521-4254 or