[caption id="attachment_47573" align="alignnone" width="500"] Sanovas' first product was the Vas Zeppelin catheter-based microsurgery system.[/caption]

SAUSALITO -- Medical device maker Sanovas, Inc. plans to relocate from Sausalito to a 29,000-square-foot research-and-development and production facility in San Rafael.

The company plans to move in May to 2593 Kerner Blvd.

Sanovas added to its Sausalito offices with a 4,700-square-foot manufacturing operation in early 2012, a move allowing early production of the minimally invasive surgery and diagnostic devices.

Sanovas is seeking federal approval for a number of treatments, focusing on areas such as cancer care, lung procedures, heart procedures, brain surgery and others.

The company noted at the time that it was likely to seek additional expansion in the near future. The San Rafael building was once a regional facility for Baltimore, Md.-based Tissue Banks International. It had invested $10 million in improvements and equipment in the building before moving earlier this year to a larger facility it purchased in Richmond.

The San Rafael facility includes research and development labs, operating rooms, clean rooms, office space and light-industrial warehouse space.

"Our relocation to a world-class 29,000-square-foot "biotech-ready" facility will support our aggressive expansion plans," said Larry Gerrans, co-founder and chief executive officer, in the announcement.

Sanovas did not indicate whether the expansion would include additional hiring. The company has raised around $15 million from investors, is seeking around $20 million through a small group of private investors and has so far refused any venture-capital investments, according to information from the company.

Sanovas has announced the successful acquisition of several patents for its technology and that of its five divisions. It is aiming for FDA approval of some treatments this year.

Sanovas executives could not be reached immediately for comment.