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SEBASTOPOL -- As expected, Daymon Doss was named executive director of Palm Drive Health Care District in a unanimous vote Monday night by the district’s board of directors.

Mr. Doss now is tasked with helping to steer ideas on how or if the district can revive the 37-bed Palm Drive Hospital, which closed its doors in late April shortly after filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection for the second time in seven years.

The district board also said it received yet another proposal from the Palm Drive Health Care Foundation to reopen the hospital. The operation would be much smaller -- seven beds -- with an emergency department.

Whether the foundation's plan is viable remains to be seen. Although recently, the foundation began working with Terry Newmyer, former CEO of Adventist Health's Northern California Network. He is noted for helping to turn around once-struggling St. Helena Hospital.

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"The district board appreciates the Palm Drive Health Care Foundation’s interest in providing emergency services to west county," said board Vice President Marsha Sue Lustig. "We have not seen copies of the plan, but the board welcomes the proposal and will give it the same deliberative, thoughtful and analytical evaluation that it gives all other proposals for restoring health services to Palm Drive Hospital. We will also be seeking counsel from our community, through a series of community meetings, as to the services that most meet their needs."

"Our goal is to restore meaningful health services to the West County community as quickly as possible -- services that fit our community’s needs, can demonstrate long-term sustainability, and are financially sound," she said.

Mr. Doss, 67, becomes top administrator of the district, effective immediately. He will work 20 hours a week, as an independent consultant, paid $108,000 a year. His contract runs for one year, but can be renewed at the end of that time.

He will be directing the district as it evaluates multiple proposals for bringing new health services to the hospital building, including a smaller acute care hospital or an urgent care center.