Vine Notes: New tool for collecting tasting-room data

It's well-known among professional direct marketers that the most important factor for executing successful sales campaigns is the customer list. You can develop the most compelling offer known to man with the most creative presentation on the planet and yet completely bomb on results because your list wasn't big enough or qualified enough to deliver the sales you expected.

The challenge for most tasting rooms lies in finding a way to staff appropriately and invite every qualified guest to sign up for your list.

Most tasting room managers want more visitor traffic so that they can increase the size of their customer email and phone outreach lists. But first, instead of spending precious budget dollars to drive more visitors to their location, they could be taking better advantage of the traffic they already have by converting more visitors to list members.

You all know the weekend drill. It's a busy, beautiful summer Saturday afternoon, and a tour bus just dropped off a ton of excited guests. You're already three deep at the tasting bar, and one key staff member called in sick. At that point, surviving the day without disaster is the only goal on your radar, and asking visitors to fill out that piece of paper takes a distant second.

Come Monday morning, you reflect on all the happy visitors who were a great fit for your brand -- whose names you were not able to collect -- and you wish you had another chance to connect with them.Kiosk for data collection

I've written about the power of data in past articles, and given the trouble most tasting rooms have with collecting data (nobody does it well), we listened to our clients and designed and delivered a simple and powerful solution for capturing consumer data. This "plug and play" kiosk is entertaining for customers and allows the capture of valuable customer information you might otherwise miss.

The brilliance of the system is in its simplicity. No surfing, no tweeting, no checking in or posting to walls -- just basic data collection so that you can grow your list. There are only four easy questions for the customer to answer:How many corks are in the bowl?NamePhone numberEmail address

That's it! Other applications include collecting customer-service questions for restaurants: How was the service? How long was your wait time? Would you come back?Rapid results

The early results of our deployments to date are simply stunning! Iron Horse Winery added 975 new customers to its database in less than eight weeks, a huge increase in the size of their list. Hundreds of new names have been also collected for other clients, such as Armida, Longmeadow Ranch Winery and Cornerstone Cellars.

Several kiosks have now been deployed for our strategic partners who get these kiosks free with our service, with 30 more being deployed over the next couple of months to all of our clients.Safe, secure, reliable

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