[caption id="attachment_64300" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Alaska Airlines ticket counter at Charles M. Schulz--Sonoma County Airport[/caption]

SANTA ROSA -- The number of commercial airline passengers flying in and out of Charles M. Schulz--Sonoma County Airport in June rose 2.7 percent over last year, bouncing back from a year-over-year slight descent in May.

Alaska Airlines, the airport's only carrier, ferried 21,843 passengers through the facility last month, up from 21,262 a year before, according to a monthly report from the county of Sonoma. Volume nearly matched the 22,051-passenger June 2008 peak since commercial air service returned in 2007.

Airline flights through Santa Rosa were 80 percent full on average in June, on par with 81 percent occupancy in May and besting the 75 percent average rate for the first half of this year.

After 2.7 percent growth in April and 4.7 percent in January, Santa Rosa airline passenger volume was virtually unchanged in May, down 0.1 percent to 20,692 from 20,719 a year before.

For the first half of 2014, the number of passengers using the Santa Rosa airport increased 2.8 percent to 108,501 from 105,588 a year before.

Seattle-based Alaska Air Group operates five flights daily connecting Santa Rosa to Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Ore., and Seattle.