[caption id="attachment_95368" align="aligncenter" width="444"] Sonoma Valley Hospital worked out a deal to reopen Palm Drive Hospital's West County Hand and Physical Therapy Center, which had offered rehabilitation classes such as this one until the hospital closed April 28. (credit: Palm Drive Hospital)[/caption]

SEBASTOPOL -- Sonoma Valley Hospital said Palm Drive Healthcare District, which owns the recently shuttered Palm Drive Hospital, had accepted its proposal to run West County Hand and Physical Therapy Center.

The rehabilitation therapy service for Palm Drive Hospital was closed when the institution stopped operations April 28. The district also has put out a request for proposals to reopen Palm Drive's acute care and emergency departments.

"West County is a valuable local asset and we want to ensure that it continues to serve our community," said Daymon Doss, district executive director. "Sonoma Valley Hospital is a logical choice. Sonoma Valley and Palm Drive have shared services in recent years, they know our community, and have excellent experience in rehabilitation and physical therapy through their own facility, which is a leading provider in the Sonoma Valley."

The goal is to reopen the rehabilitation center in September and rehire many previous staff members.

"We understand that physical therapy is a service that people like to have close by, and we intend is to maintain the high level of service that Sebastopol patients have come to expect from the Center," said Kelly Mather, Sonoma Valley Hospital CEO.

The Sebastopol and Sonoma facilities are similar, both in the range of services provided and the number of patients, she said.

Sonoma Valley Hospital currently operates a hand and physical therapy center in Sonoma that, like West County, is housed in a separate facility near the hospital. SVH’s center includes a broad range of services including: physical therapy; vestibular and falls prevention programs; postural corrections; therapeutic exercise; occupational health and therapy; pain management; and certified hand therapy.

Sonoma Valley Hospital is an 83-bed, full-service acute care district hospital located in Sonoma. In February of this year it opened a new wing with a state-of-the-art Emergency Department and Surgery Center. Sonoma Valley Hospital currently provides skilled home health services in the Sebastopol area through its regional service, Healing At Home.