Marin Economic Forum, a Novato-based organization that provides information to support businesses and local governments, on June 8 reported the appointment of Jim Cordeiro as CEO.

Cordeiro co-founded Oceana Technologies and worked at Affymetrix, Nodality and other biotechnology companies.

Marin Economic Forum was created in 2012 as a public-private partnership to help build the county’s economic foundation. Founding sponsors include Autodesk, Bank of America, city of Novato, county of Marin, Kaiser Permanente and Marin General Hospital. Industries targeted by the forum include agriculture, bio/life sciences, tourism and manufacturing.

“Marin County is an important part of a regional and global economy,” Cordeiro said in a statement. “Our companies, particularly in the bio-sciences, have enormous influence beyond our area. As a result, our economy is also impacted by developments and pressures from many different directions. It is important that the businesses in our community have MEF, which collects, analyzes and disseminates information that affects their business and also collaborates with the communities in which their employees reside.”

In August, the organization had named Steve Lockett as CEO. Chief Economist Rob Eyler has been interim CEO until Cordeiro came on board.