The town of Windsor has made No. 7 on a list of cities across the U.S. where homebrewing is on the rise.

A new report by the American Homebrewers Association pointed to Windsor’s weather and proximity to breweries like Russian River Brewing, Lagunitas Brewing and Bear Republic Brewing.

Windsor homebrewer Christal Farias said beer is in their blood.

“Homebrewing in our area has been taking place for many years. In fact, our now world-renowned wine country community was first established as a hop-farming community long before our region become so densely populated by wineries,” she said.

In Windsor, the report said, the weather is great for drinking beer and growing hops, and with ambient temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s, fermentation temperature is fairly easy to control for any skill level of brewer.

Coming in first in the report was Boise, Idaho, followed by Minneapolis–St. Paul; Nashville, Tenn.; Phoenix; Rochester, N.Y.; and Tampa, Fla.

The American Homebrewers Association is a community with a membership of more than 46,000 homebrewers. By examining a number of factors including economic impact, proximity to craft breweries, homebrew clubs and membership, competition entries and more, the homebrewers group identified budding areas for the fervor and fellowship of brewing at home.

“Craft brewing and homebrewing have long supported one another: a thriving craft beer community nurtures a healthy, growing homebrew culture, and vice-versa,” said Gary Glass, director, AHA. “Some cities are legendary for such pro-am symbiosis, while others are gaining well-deserved reputations as up-and-coming homebrew hot spots.”

A recent survey by the association found that 78 percent of homebrewers are more enthusiastic about brewing than they were three years ago. With an estimated economic impact of $1.225 billion, homebrewing is booming in the U.S.

“No matter where you live, we encourage everyone to try their hand at homebrewing,” Glass said.