Mayacamas Vineyards in the Napa Valley is now under 100% ownership of the Schottenstein family of Columbus, Ohio, the family announced.

The Schottensteins, owners of retailers such as American Eagle Outfitters and DSW, had been partners in Mayacamas Vineyards with Charles Banks and his wife, Ali, since it was purchased from longtime owner Bob Travers in 2013.

Banks was convicted of defrauding his client, former NBA star Tim Duncan, earlier this year and sentenced to four years in prison. He was forced to give up his interest in the winery and its 50-acre vineyard.

“This represents an exciting and happy new chapter for Mayacamas Vineyards,” stated Jay Schottenstein. “Since 2013 our family has been committed to the long-term stewardship of this property, and assuming 100% ownership assures the continuity of our vision and the preservation of this historic estate.”

Since changing hands in 2013 Mayacamas Vineyards has undergone a restoration which has included replanting the 50-acre vineyard, introducing organic farming and upgrading the winemaking facility, the family stated. Winemaker Andy Erickson was brought in as well as Phil Coturri who oversees the vineyards. The entire team, including Jimmy Hayes, Braiden Albrecht and Artie Johnson, will remain with Mayacamas Vineyards under the Schottenstein family’s ownership, the statement continued.

“The last few years at Mayacamas have been about connecting the past, present and future and to preserving the important traditions of previous generations while continuing to move forward,” says Winemaker Andy Erickson. “I’m thankful for the Schottenstein’s commitment to this special place and look forward to continuing its history of farming and fine winemaking.”