Sutter Solano Medical Center in Vallejo is more than just a safety-net hospital, and the hospital’s new CEO wants the Bay Area to know that.

Abhishek Dosi was appointed in April to head the 102-bed facility that mainly serves American Canyon, Benicia and Vallejo. He is leading the hospital on a rebranding mission to change the perception that it only serves the underserved.

“We’re proud about that community we serve, but we can serve everybody else too,” Dosi said.

The hospital has suffered a bad rap, along with the community, since the economic downturn in 2008, Dosi said. That year, Vallejo became the first city of its size in California to declare bankruptcy.

“It brought an undeserved stigma. That’s what people remember, and it still remains long in peoples’ minds. When I lived in San Francisco, that was my perception as well,” he said.

But Sutter Solano Medical Center (SSMC) has undergone a rejuvenation, both physically and in spirit.

The facility recently underwent a multimillion dollar renovation, upgrading patient rooms and public areas. There are also plans for new landscaping and enhanced security on the campus.

The hospital has experienced an uptick in inpatients, mostly coming from the closure of the San Pablo Doctors Medical Center in 2015 because of financial difficulties.

Looking to bring even more patients to the facility, Dosi wants to tap into new homebuyers coming into the community, and let them know the hospital serves more than just the underserved.

“Vallejo is one of the hottest real estate markets in the Bay area and we would like to capitalize on that,” he said.

He pointed to the hospital’s “crown jewel” its state-of-the-art cancer center, staffed with three different oncology groups, as one example of services to be taken advantage of. The hospital also has a family birth center, a neuroscience institute, and a heart and vascular institute.

There has also been effort to revitalize patient care by working with staff.

“It starts by defining the culture,” Dosi said. “Instead of implementing strategies, we took a step back and asked employees what is important to them. We started to define what it means to be there for patients, and built on that, and with teaching empathy, creating a world class hospital.”

Cynthia Sweeney covers health care, hospitality, residential real estate, education, employment and business insurance. Reach her at or call 707-521-4259.