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Brokerage abbreviations: BatRE = Batarseh Real Estate; BCRE = Bradley Commercial Real Estate; CBCBV = Coldwell Banker Commercial Brokers of the Valley; JLL = JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle); K&C = Keegan & Coppin Co. Inc./ONCOR International; MC = Meridian Commercial; NBPA = North Bay Property Advisors; NC&C = Newmark Cornish & Carey; S&H = Strong & Hayden Commercial Real Estate

LEASES: square footage at address, city; property type; tenant; procuring agent; owner; listing agent; deal date (occupancy/effective date)


31,000sf at 84 Galli Drive, Novato; industrial & office; Prima Fleur Botanicals Inc.; Michael Lieberman of MC; Buckley Real Estate; Michael Lieberman of MC; Dec. 2016 (first quarter of 2017)

14,000sf at 1600 Los Gamos Drive, San Rafael; office; Averna; na; county of Marin; na; (Nov. 2016)

7,107sf at 2 Belvedere Place, #220, Mill Valley; office; UBS Financial Services Inc.; na; Bently Holdings California LLC; Haden Ongaro & Mac Cranford & Mark Carrington; Sept. 30, 2016

6,181sf at 3 Harbor Drive, #111, Sausalito; office, renewal; Prima Medical Group Inc.; na; One/Three Harbor Investors LLC; Brian Eisberg & David Walwyn; Oct. 13, 2016

3,850sf at 1020 B St., San Rafael; office; VenturePad; Haden Ongaro & Mark Carrington; 1101 Fifth Avenue LLC; na; Oct. 21, 2016

3,800sf at 45 Foley St., Santa Rosa; retail & warehouse; Myers Equipment Supply; Nick Abbott of NBPA; na; Rami Batarseh of BatRE; (Dec. 1, 2016)

2,114sf at 16 Pamaron Way, Novato; industrial, warehouse & yard; Downtown Ignacio Tow; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

1,399sf at 2330 Marinship Way, #302, Sausalito; office, renewal; Barri Bonapart dba Bonapart & Associates; na; Barri Bonapart dba Bonapart & Associates; Brian Eisberg & David Walwyn; Oct. 28, 2016

1,356sf at 124 Paul Drive, #13, San Rafael; industrial; Raymond Lent; Mac Cranford; Prowler Properties LLC; na; Oct. 13, 2016

1,267sf at 4340 Redwood Highway, #C400, San Rafael; office; Bay Area Community Resources Inc.; Mac Cranford; La Plaza Offices LLC; na; Oct. 14, 2016

1,200sf at 1113 Fourth St., San Rafael; retail; Carrillo/Cideos; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Jan. 1, 2016

1,090sf at 31 Pamaron Way, Novato; office; Bender Systems; Rich Little of NBPA; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

1,040sf at 372 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato; industrial, warehouse; REP Energy Inc.; Rich Little of NBPA; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

1,033sf at 777 Grand Ave., #204, San Rafael; office; CohereOne Inc.; Alisa Belew; SeaLark Trust; na; Oct. 31, 2016

420sf at 180 Harbor Drive, #220, Sausalito; office; Chris Grimm; Jerry Suyderhoud; Harbor Drive Associates ; Jerry Suyderhoud; Sept. 29, 2016

250sf at 180 Harbor Drive, #221A, Sausalito; office; Sean Martin; Jerry Suyderhoud; Harbor Drive Associates ; Jerry Suyderhoud; Sept. 23, 2016


4,336sf at 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way, #G, Napa; office; Advanced Shelter Systems; Michael Moffett & Cathy D’Angelo Holmes of CBCBV; Stephens & Stephens XX LLC; Chris Neeb, Matt Bracco & Glen Dowling of JLL; Nov. 30, 2016

1,215sf at 477 Devlin Road, #107, Napa; office; Natural Systems Utilities LLC; Michael Moffett & Cathy D’Angelo Holmes of CBCBV; RPE Plum LLC & Getahead II LLC; Michael Moffett & Cathy D’Angelo Holmes of CBCBV; Nov. 1, 2016

450sf at 1020 Clinton St., #203, Napa; office; Net Flow Corp.; Michael Moffett & Cathy D’Angelo Holmes of CBCBV; Creekside Village; Michael Holcomb of S&H


9,793sf at 850 Lindberg Lane, #C & D, Petaluma; industrial; Rexel Inc. dba Platt Electric Supply; na; Lindberg Lane Property Inc.; Mac Cranford & Clayton Noack; Oct. 24, 2016

5,184sf at 597 Santana Drive, #D & E, Cloverdale; industrial; Healdsburg Meat Company, LLC; Russ Mayer of K&C; The Arlo Miller 1996 Revocable Trust; Russ Mayer of K&C; April 5, 2016

7,318sf at 2235 Mercury Way, #220 & 225, Santa Rosa; office; Turner Construction Company; Barry Palma; Mercury Way LLC; na; Aug. 23, 2016

6,000sf at 1201 E. Macarthur St., Sonoma; industrial, warehouse; Flying Lizard Racing LLC; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

2,643sf at 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg 1500, Windsor; industrial; Pioneer Electric and Telecom, Inc.; James Nobles of K&C; Maria C. Marr Trust & The Kenneth Marr Trust; Russ Mayer of K&C; Nov. 18, 2016

2,147sf at 411 N. McDowell Blvd., #30, Petaluma; retail; Duy Nguyen dba Nail Bar; Chad Thiessen; MGP VIII Properties LLC; na; June 8, 2016

2,035sf at 300 W. Robles Ave., Santa Rosa; industrial, warehouse; Riptide Construction; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Nov. 1, 2016

2,001sf at 131 Stony Circle, #A400, Santa Rosa; office; Canton Wood Products Company LLC; Kevin Foster & Preston Smith; Stony Point West LP; na; July 28, 2016

1,870sf at 729 Fourth St., San Rafael; retail; AA Services Group, LLC; Nathan Ballard & Kevin Doran of K&C; Clocktower Building, LLC; Matt Storms of K&C; Aug. 24, 2016

1,800sf at 631 Martin Ave., Rohnert Park; industrial, warehouse; Protection Services of California; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Nov. 1, 2016

1,753sf at 6500 Hembree Lane, #205, Windsor; retail; Wing Stop; na; Pine Creek Partnership; Marshall Kelly of K&C; Aug. 25, 2016

1,723sf at 737 Fourth St., Santa Rosa; office, sublease; Tom & Kellie Larson dba RE/MAX Full Spectrum; na; Kushins & Langendorf (lessor) and Darcy, Greg & Terry dba Darcy’s Fine Jewelers (sublessor); Barry Palma; Oct. 9, 2016

1,600sf at 120 Wikiup Drive, Santa Rosa; retail; Nanci Soltani & Amber Eisele; Preston Smith; Anderson & Schuster Partners; na; April 18, 2016

1,200sf at 151 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa; office; Bradley Welch; Barry Palma; Andre Gabany; Barry Palma; Oct. 5, 2016

1,173sf at 1099 D St., #PH-A, San Rafael; office; David Torres, PhD & Jo Ann Whittington, PhD; na; 1099 D Street, LLC; Theo Banks & Nathan Ballard of K&C; Nov. 30, 2016

1,000sf at 401 Kenilworth Drive, #11, Petaluma; retail; JPCA Inc. dba PostNet; Berk Jones; Regency Petaluma LLC; na; Sept. 28, 2016

837sf at 191 Lynch Creek Way, #101B, Petaluma; office; CGA, LLC; na; Marsha Fontes Trust; Mike Thomason of K&C; Nov. 21, 2016

700sf at 701 Fourth St., #201, Santa Rosa; office; Already Set Up Inc.; Kevin Foster; Raja Naber; Kevin Foster; Aug. 18, 2016

496sf at 120 N. Pleasant Hill Ave., #330, Sebastopol; office; Passport Resorts LLC; Barry Palma; McPhail Land Corporation; Barry Palma; Sept. 6, 2016

710sf at 645 Broadway, Sonoma; office; Caliber Home Loans; na; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

460sf at 159 Kentucky St., Petaluma; office; Tiffany Heiden; Rich Little of NBPA; na; Dave Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1, 2016

SALES: square footage at address, city; property type; buyer; procuring agent; seller; listing agent; close of escrow; value


2,864sf at 16 Ross Common, Ross; retail & multifamily; Dorothy & Richard Breiner; Vesa Becam of K&C; Woodlands Stores Inc.; na; Dec. 7, 2016; na


32 units at 865–869 S. Orchard Ave., Ukiah; multifamily; Echelon Communities LLC; Steven Level of BCRE; na; na; December 2016; na


47,036sf at 18615 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma; retail; First Sonoma LLC; Jerry Suyderhoud; Parkway Properties 11 LLC; Jerry Suyderhoud; Oct. 17, 2016; na

0.49ac at Dutton Avenue near Duke Court, Santa Rosa (APN 043-260-008); industrial land; Jackson Family Wines; Shawn Johnson of K&C; Manor Development; Shawn Johnson of K&C; Dec. 7, 2016; $213,500

25,500sf at 3277–3283 Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa; industrial; Michael S. Mountanos Living Trust; na; Richard B. Zinn; Ron Reinking; Oct. 27, 2016; $2,600,000

25,000sf at 1005 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa; industrial (warehouse) & retail; Girl of the Year LLC; Rami Batarseh & Alex Tannous of BatRE; NPL Equity LLC & Joanna Martinelli LLC; Rami Batarseh & Alex Tannous of BatRE; Nov. 18, 2016; $2,600,000

20 units at 4225 Sonoma Highway, Santa Rosa; multifamily; Spangenberg-Matsuda Ira LLC; Scott Gerber of BCRE; Premier Associates LP; na; Dec. 1, 2016; $3,650,000

14,400sf at 2324 Bethards Drive, Santa Rosa; office; Lampert Holdings LLC; Barry Palma; BloodSource Inc.; na; Aug. 31, 2016; $1,900,000

9,526sf at 1 C St., Petaluma; industrial; Buckler Family Vineyards LLC (Adobe Road tasting room); Jerry Suyderhoud; Dennis H. & Nancy E. Hermsmeyer Trust; na; Oct. 18, 2016; $2,550,000

8,200sf at 1014 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa; retail land; Fay Romesburg; Annette Cooper of K&C; Ethel Nichols Ross Trust; Annette Cooper of K&C; Dec. 9, 2016; $125,000

6,800sf at 6620 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park; retail; A & N Marchesiello Properties; na; Neufeld Vineyards; Dino D’Argenzio & Erlina Othman of K&C; Dec. 8, 2016; $935,000

6,230sf at 835 Piner Road, Santa Rosa; office; Purple Cloud, LLC; na; John Diab, Genevieve Diab, Issa Diab; Kevin Doran of K&C; Dec. 6, 2016; $975,000

4,184sf at 925 Piner Road, Santa Rosa; retail; DHB Investments, LLC; Kevin Doran of K&C; Catania 2014 Family Trust; Brian Keegan of K&C; Dec. 5, 2016; $655,000