The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce has rebranded itself with a new name, logo, signage and revamped website.

Now known as the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber, the new image better captures the inclusiveness of all of its members, even those outside of Santa Rosa, the group stated. It also captures the scope of the Chamber’s work throughout the entire region through its programs, advocacy, and outreach.

“Over the years, many of the chamber’s programs have built their own reputations as successful platforms but were not commonly thought of as linked to the Chamber. This refreshed look overtly links these programs as part of the spectrum of chamber endeavors,” said Kevin Stoll, its marketing and communications manager.

Early in 2016, the chamber conducted series of interviews, online surveys and targeted focus groups, consulting Chamber members, community leaders, public officials, volunteers and staff about their experiences with the Chamber. They were asked about strengths, challenges, perceptions, and opportunities for the organization.

“One of the biggest takeaways from our interview discussions was the idea that the chamber convenes people and resources,” Stoll said. “As opportunities arise in the community, the chamber acts as a centralized hub fostering collaboration and support. This idea became critical to the development of the brand.”