Zack Scott

AGE: 35


Scott Laboratories

Responsibilities with your company: CEO

How do you exemplify the spirit of being a top Forty Under 40 professional?: The hunger to grow the family business based off of what has come before me.

Years with company: 14

Length of time in current position: Two years

Number of employees who report to you: 14

Greatest professional accomplishment: The first time making a difference in a customer’s economic outcome — specifically, clarifying pineapple juice.

Greatest professional challenge: Finding growth opportunities for my employees.

Best advice received: Walk into every meeting knowing what you want the outcome to be.

Single most important event in your professional life in the last 12 months: The process of constructing an 85,000 square foot building in 9 months.

What steps is your company taking to sustain your organization and morale in the current economy?: Having been in 20 years of steady and positive growth, we now have more than three times the revenue and double the staff than when we began. We keep morale high by continuing to treat customers and employees as unique individuals.

Next professional goal: To find new and innovative ways to make our team better about meeting the demands of our customers.

Education: UCLA, graduated magna cum laude with a major in international economics and a minor in Latin American studies

Hometown: San Rafael

Mentor/admired businessperson: Bruce Scott, my uncle, who took on the role of father after losing mine at a young age. He taught me about business and integrity.

Typical day at the office: Face-to-face meetings with key managers and producers, focusing on strategic initiatives. Lunch from Mr. Pickles, No. 14 to go.

Best place to work outside of your office: San Anselmo Coffee Roasters

Hobbies: Running, reading and cooking

What you wanted to be when you grew up: I wanted to go into hotel and hospitality management.

No. 1 thing you want to accomplish by the time you turn 40: Build a self-sustaining company that is assisted by my presence but not hindered by my absence.

First job: Silver Screen Video

Favorite book: “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson

Favorite movie: “Glengary Glen Ross”

Favorite after-work drink: Wine

Zack Scott

AGE: 35


Scott Laboratories