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Sonoma Valley Hospital has been selected as one of six California hospitals invited to present at The Hospital Council of Northern & Central California’s Summit 2017 meeting in late September.

The hospital will be featured in the Innovation Challenge section of the program which highlights new ideas in health care management developed by California providers.

According to hospital CEO Kelly Mather, the hospital’s presentation, titled “The CEO Dashboard, An Agile Solution for Small Hospitals,” discusses how the hospital came to work with patientsDB, a health care industry firm, to develop a pilot program to improve financial management at small hospitals.

Washington Monthly’s College Guide once again ranks California State University Maritime Academy in Vallejo highly for overall contribution to the public good, bang for the buck and alumni earnings, the college stated.

Cal Maritime ranked fifth among all national baccalaureate colleges. The rankings are based on three categories: recruiting and graduating low-income students, producing cutting-edge scholarship, and encouraging students to give back to their country.

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