North Bay Business Journal
June 2017 edition
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Santa Rosa deals, projects expected post-rent control

Santa Rosa voter rejection this month of Measure C, which called for rent control, likely will restart investment and development activity in leased housing that has been stalled for months, say experts.


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SMART’s ‘last-mile’ commute challenge

As service on the passenger rail line is said to be arriving soon, employers in Sonoma and Marin counties are on their own to work out shuttles.

Cooking careers are on fire

Schools for chefs and cooks in Napa and Sonoma counties can’t fill all the vacant jobs.

North Bay joblessness reaches new lows in May

Unemployment rates for North Bay counties dipped in May, reaching decades-long lows in some, according to state figures released June 16.

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Boomers’ jobs go unfilled on retirement

‘We will all be competing for the same people,’ says Hamish Gray of Santa Rosa’s Keysight Technologies.

Cannabis phoenix: Meet a change leader in North Coast commerce

Imprisoned and raided for his cannabis ventures, Dennis Hunter now is heralded as leader of CannaCom Valley’s shining business model at multiple operations in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

New device prevents strokes

Santa Rosa-based startup Claret Medical gets the FDA OK for a filter designed to capture brain-bound debris during heart surgery.

Grateful Dead's CPA also launched a couple of banks

Tim Jorstad, a San Rafael-based accountant, launched banks, steered real estate empires and made musicians rich.

Sonoma County Airport airline traffic up 18 percent in May

The Santa Rosa airport is seeing an increase in passengers traveling through.

The best wine vacation destination is…

A new report has ranked the best place to go for a wine getaway in the U.S.

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