Special Coverage: Wealth Matters

Wealth Matters: Check your financial first-aid kit

Emergency-planning usually includes food, water, supplies and plans for what you and your family will do. Often overlooked, however, is your financial first-aid kit, writes columnist Heather Belli of Willow Creek Wealth Management.

Wealth Matters: Are emotions sabotaging your investments?

“A fear of losing too much too soon can make one jump out of the market too early,” writes columnist Jason Gittins of Willow Creek Wealth Management.

Wealth Matters: Fear running out of money in retirement? Consider this.

Reverse mortgages, under specific circumstances, may help you plan for retirement. Here are the pros and cons, writes Heather Belli of Willow Creek Wealth Management.

Wealth Matters: Still buying diapers? Don’t forget about college

The earlier you begin to save for college, the longer you can save and benefit from tax advantages.

Wealth Matters: Who’s minding your finances?

Nonfiduciary investment advice costs American investors 1 percent of their return annually, writes columnist Dave Homan.

Wealth Matters: Is now a good time to get into the market?

Now is a good time to get into the markets, if you are investing for the long term, writes columnist David Lawrence of Willow Creek Wealth Management.

Wealth Matters: 6 year-end steps to lower your taxes

Take action with these six tax-smart strategies you can implement now that will reduce your tax bill come April, writes columnist Bruce Dzieza, CFP.

Wealth Matters: 3 ways HSAs help you save for retirement

Many people don't realize that a health savings account, or HSA, can be a powerful retirement savings vehicle.

Wealth Matters: 10 commandments of retirement planning

These 10 basic steps are for anyone preparing for retirement.

Wealth Matters: Good news on college financing

Fretting about income or savings to pay for college? Here is some good news for you.

Wealth Matters: Protect your finances as you age

Aging can eventually reduce our ability to manage money and make sound financial decisions. Here are essential tips for getting ready.

Wealth Matters: Psychology of investing

The emerging field of behavioral finance meets at the intersection of economics, psychology and decision-making. This final field, decision-making sciences, is opening up exciting findings as researchers dig into why humans decide to do what we do.

Wealth Matters: Financial pros, cons of marriage

Marriage is one of the most important life decisions anyone can make. The U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide has reminded everyone that they should also consider the financial advantages and disadvantages of the marital state.

Wealth Matters: Six financial steps when there’s a family death

No one can fully prepare for the death of a spouse or close family member, or dear friend. But the less we know and the less we are prepared, the more complicated dealing with financial issues that arise after a death can become.

Wealth Matters: Enough money for age 95?

Will your nest egg last as long as you will? It’s a challenging question to ponder as we are living longer than ever.

Wealth Matters: On ‘alternative investments,’ be aware of risks

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Though you’ve probably heard that many times, it’s still a good reminder when considering alternative investments.

Wealth Matters: Season of Giving: How much and to whom?

American charitable giving is the largest in the world, exceeding $300 billion per year given to over 1 million charities.

Wealth Matters: Investors, check your frame of reference

When it comes to investing in the stock market, the risk that everybody talks about is the ups and particularly the downs, the bearish periods when the market falls dramatically and keeps falling for months or even years.

Wealth Matters: 10 steps to teaching children about money

In our wealth management practice, we are often asked how best our clients can teach their children about money to help them down a path to becoming prudent financial managers as adults.

Wealth Matters: Where business owners go wrong on retirement planning

It’s surprising that people in the business of planning and running an enterprise are often their own worst enemies when it comes to planning for themselves.

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