Best Places to Work 2014: DH Wine Compliance

The complexity of moving wine from vintner to consumer has become increasingly involved in the past decade as laws and regulations on state and federal levels have been changing rapidly. Keeping the regulatory filings and licensing paperwork in order for winery clients has spurred fast-growing demand for businesses such as Santa Rosa-based DH Wine Compliance.

"Our clients can count on us to perform their compliance services in a timely manner," said founder and owner Drea Helfer. "This includes prompt communication, proactive systems and support."

One full-time employee said she is "relentless" in making sure the employees understand how appreciated they are and their efforts are noticed.

We work very hard, in a very stressful environment, and our boss makes sure that we balance that with fun office activities and flexibility in our schedule and workdays," the employee said. "We love our leader and what she stands for and feel as though she truly values us, which only makes us want to work even harder."

Those office activities include weekly potluck meals in the office and Thursday team-building games.

The workforce appreciates Ms. Helfer's empathy with family situations; she is a mother herself. Paid time for emergencies and the ability to work from home while tending sick children are available.

"We all understand that life happens, and no one should be put down for that," one employee said.

Ms. Helfer started the company in 2010 and now has 15 employees. The average length of time they've been there is two years.

Several of her employees noticed her proactive concern for their physical and family health. The company encourages fitness by giving the staff FitBit interactive pedometers and incentives for reaching activity goals, assisting with gym memberships and a Healthy Living Program that reimburses co-payments for regular medical visits as well as massage and other treatment sessions.

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