Best Places to Work 2014: AUL Corporation

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NAPA -- AUL is the premier vehicle service contract administrator in America. The company has grown its employee base by 25 percent over the past three years from 75 to 109.

"When prospective clients visit, whether they're auto dealers, financial institutions or agents, they always comment that they've never seen such a happy organization where people are genuinely helpful and enjoy their jobs. Consequently, the closing ratio on these opportunities is 100 percent," an employee said.

According to COO Jimmy Atkinson, "AUL is a best place to work because of the efforts and attitude of our employees. Our culture promotes a family atmosphere and caring for all."

Employees say the culture is one of friendliness, caring, professionalism and recognition for individual achievements.

Founder, President and CEO Luis Nieves believes in sharing the good that comes from employees' positive actions on others, and instills in everyone that what's important are the relationships the staff has built.

UAL's employee Charitable Committee encourages and arranges staff involvement with more than a dozen nonprofits.

 "You come to work knowing you are going to have a good day. AUL never hesitates to find a reason to throw a party -- about one per month -- along with picnics, bowling nights or holiday events. We get a bonus at Christmas and sometimes when we have a record month. Our benefits are great!"

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