San Rafael’s Ritter Center announces plans for new downtown health center

A new multi-million dollar health center is in the works for San Rafael’s downtown as the nonprofit Ritter Center makes plans to turn a 2nd Street building into a campus that would combine staff currently spread across two offices several miles apart, according to an April 11 news release.

The new health center will have six exam rooms, new medical equipment, individual and group therapy rooms, waiting areas and off-street parking, according to the release.

The release states that due to limited space for its clients, many of Ritter’s services currently are being provided in trailers. The move to the new building will eliminate that need while helping centralize services.

Ritter Center became a Federally Qualified Health Care for the Homeless Center in 2013 and serves a majority of low-income families in Marin County.

The new location will also mean the food pantry will double in size, according to the news release.

The projected cost for the project is $14.5 million dollars, which includes $6.6 million spent to purchase the building.

Renovation is scheduled to begin in early summer of this year with a targeted finish date of mid-2024.

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