Fire, smoke damages Windsor winery warehouse, 300 barrels of wine

We have a structure fire just came in, reported at 10810 Hillview Road in Windsor around 9. Appears to be a winery, Windsor Oaks. Sonoma County Fire responding, but couldn’t raise any of them on the phone. Redcom dispatcher said she didn’t think there were any injuries. Santa Rosa Fire got sent out too, they said they had requested three additional engines but the BC I talked to didn’t know much. Said he thought it was on the second floor of a big barn building. Alvin’s on the way to take pictures.

8:39 p.m. kitchen area in back… near propane tanks… winery.. Windsor oak vineyard,

Fire broke out Tueday night at a Windsor winery, damage the

Yes propane and compress air tanks, but

Moderate smoke showing, middle winery building on fire, asked two add water tenders, exterior spread ot intrior..

Pge started ..

The fire started just outside the building and spread inside where the business had a tasting room, offices and the barrel storage, Foreman said. AT the corner where the fire began, investigators found staining rags and rollers. “They had been doing some staining work on the property earlier that afternoon,” she said.

Damage to the building was estimated at $500,000. The loss of the wine still was being determined but could be upward of $2 million, Foreman said.

Staining products are highly flammable and when the fluid dries on rags, they can combust. Such materials should be stored in a metal can with a lid to eliminate oxygen, which is needed for the combustion.

Check back for details on this developing story.

two fires last night warehouse large winery warehouse.. mostly exterio but went inside, wine storage, tasting room, offices and wine barrel storage.. 300 barrels.. exterior fire, breeched extensive overhaul and chasing smoke, huge warehouse we were here for numerou s hurs..

appeared to have started in outer corner, in that area waas items used for staining... stain rags. rollers, they had been doing some staining work on the prop earlier that afternoon.

still happens... any time have any materials used for staining, products that are susecp to catch fire.. flammable products.. when dry out, checmial reaction, produces heat... recom dispose of the rags and such in ametal can wiht a lid... takes oxygen out of the process.. rags to ignite,, need oxygen.. put it in metal cn wiht a lid, take that element out.. no longer risk ..

building 500k and depending on extent of the damage to the barreled wine, still eval upwards of $2 m in prodcut loss..

hlb, sr, scf, cal fire,

then.. uhaul sr ave.. siphoning adnm staeling fuel from uthaul trucks... damage to totally destroy two uhaul trucks nd damaged five others...

1:30 a.m. 3785 sr avene.. no wit on scene but crews did find materials used for siphoning fuel out of the uhaul truck, tube, siphoning into 5 gall gas can, transfer into 35 gall barrell, sign oper it was” needed a few people.. no idea how much took... didn’t find any suspct or victim, checked hospita as well... static elec. transfr f;lam liquid and not doing it prop static elec is the eney in that oper, likely static elec ignit the vapors during the siohoning operation... second fire in uhaul in year. fire in there last year storage units...

one fullu involed with multiple... contained it to two... .. smoke damage.. parked in front lot.. not at very back... fronting sr avenue...

no one came in with burns.....

no damage estimate yet.,...

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