Liviri Solutions is recognized in WINnovation Awards for new wine shipper-cooler

Editor’s note: Wine Industry Network recognizes notable beverage alcohol-related companies for WINnovation Awards during the Business Journal’s annual Wine, Spirits + Beer Industry Awards.

Liviri Vino is a wine shipping cooler designed for safe, cost-effective ground shipping that eliminates weather holds and allows for year-round wine deliveries. The goal is to limit the seasonality of the wine shipping industry while also providing significant sustainability benefits.

“Upon discovering the Liviri container, we got quite excited,” says Michael Ploetz, estate director for Alejandro Bulgheroni Napa Valley. “We realized the potential; the thermal stability allows our precious cargo of wine that we put so much effort and love into, to reach our clients in the best shape possible, while also meeting a goal of sustainability.”

The protective and highly thermally efficient box can keep wine cool for up to five days, allowing shipments to be sent via ground transportation, which avoids costly and more environmentally polluting air-express methods. The Liviri Vino shipping cooler can also be reused for multiple shipments and, at the end of its lifecycle, 95% of the materials are recyclable.

“Throughout 2020, the entire wine industry has been faced with many unforeseen challenges. To the credit of wineries and shipping partners, they have continued to persevere and do everything possible to accommodate their consumers’ requests in remarkable fashion,” says Brian Jacoby, Liviri senior vice president of global development. “Now more than ever, a focus on cost-to-serve and the ability to ship anytime, anywhere resonates with the entire industry. Liviri continues to consult with partners and provide solutions that go beyond just packaging, and reaching far into supporting the entire consumer experience.”

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