Sonoma County travel-planning firm Wine Routes partners with wine, food platform Grabbi

Santa Rosa-based Wine Routes, a travel planning platform geared to help customers find and set up Wine Country itineraries, has partnered with Grabbi, a San Francisco-based wine and food tech firm.

“Our intent from day one was to help consumers find new wineries, and wines, enabling the everyday wine traveler to discover wineries across the US, explore what makes them unique, and share their experiences within our online community,” said Ian Scales, chief operating officer of Wine Routes, in the announcement.

The deal is set up to allow winery users of the customer resource management system from Vancouver, Canada-based Commerce7 to synchronize their products with Wine Routes and Grabbi. That would allow a visitor to a winery with that interconnected software to pull up Grabbi’s dynamic wine menus on a mobile phone, select a product by the glass or bottle, order, and pay.

Chuck LoCascio, chief marketing officer of Grabbi said the service is designed to provide a quick way to select a specific wine and pay for it using the the latest technology. Grabbi makes transaction management and analysis software for food trucks, restaurants and wineries.

“We can create unique experiences for guests at the winery based on their preferences and increase velocity, value, and reach for the wineries,” LoCascio said.

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