Napa Valley College is offering late start computer-aided drafting classes, designed for youths looking to enter the workforce, individuals of all ages looking to change careers and for existing CAD users who need to update skills on newer software.

Retired cratfsmen, machinists and plumbers are examples of those who may benefit from CAD classes, as they transition to lighter work, according to the college.

A number of industries  where precision construction and assembly employ draftsmen and designers who use CAD, among them: architecture, automobile, consumer electronics, electrical, machinery, ship building, construction, aerospace, aircraft and other engineer-based industries, according to the college.

The classes are being offered at Napa Valley College's Autodesk Authorized Training Center. The software is designed by San Rafael-based Autodesk. Students receive both college credit and training certificates from Autodesk for the various levels completed. The Autodesk software provides for "current, real-world applicable training," the college said.

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