San Rafael’s FanCompass is defined by doing what it says it’s going to do

Jamie Pardi, CEO, FanCompass, speaks on a panel at Impact Marin Conference at Embassy Suites in San Rafael on March 2, 2017. (GARY QUACKENBUSH / FOR NORTH BAY BUSINESS JOURNAL)


FanCompass is an innovative sports technology and analytics company that helps athletic teams make more money by acquiring fan metrics, analyzing data and monetizing every aspect of fan engagement to build a sustainable business for its customers.

For CEO Jamie Pardi, a major issue for firms that make big announcements or marketing claims, is their inability to deliver on their brand promise.

“I started our company with a commitment to deliver the highest quality software platform that attracts and collects global fan input, generates high quality sales leads and provides access to a digital sponsorship inventory to help maximize revenue for rights holders. From day one we have continued to do what we said we’re going to do, while building trust and adding new customers and retaining prior ones.”

FanCompass’ primary focus is increasing revenue for its customers and living up to its promises. A recent survey of FanCompass’ customer relationships over the past six months showed that FanCompass retained 100% of its clients.

FanCompass incentivizes and entices new fans to share their sport venue experiences through social media and captures insightful data on the back end to build a 360-degree fan database profile with lead lists clients can use to sell more tickets and create promotions.

The lead-generating engine qualifies new and returning fans, delivers opt-in leads for single games, season tickets and/or hospitality experiences. The firm’s Amplifier product measures and tracks a client’s biggest influencers when it comes to driving new sign-ups and registrations. FanCompass also has the ability to activate any campaign in any language the team wants and can geo-target campaigns for specific regions.

Planning for tomorrow, while taking care of business today, Pardi said, “We made a decision not to go after venture capital money but decided to work with sophisticated investors in it for the long term.”

He said 2016 was the best year yet with 50% growth in revenue with many inquiries from those wanting to join the company as well as from investors. “One thing we want to avoid is being overcapitalized.”

He said one should never become complacent with where you are now and have a game plan to reach the next level.

With a mission to ensure a thriving, sustainable “business of sport” for generations to come, company personnel work with teams in nine professional leagues around the world delivering a product that is translated into more than 15 languages.

“We don’t sell vaporware – you have to keep your word. In a competitive business climate, you must perform better than the other guys and stay ahead of the pack. We’ve done this by building a technology platform that combines aspects of the marketing, ticketing and sponsorships departments into a single tool rather than in separate unconnected silos.”

He said some people think you have to offer unlimited time off to attract and retain good employees, but that would be a disaster. Pardi believes employees today are concerned about having health insurance and want a piece of the action. FanCompass pays for employee health coverage and everyone in the firm can become an equity owner.

“We also share case studies with the sports industry, with a focus on baseball, and its 72 games a year, that helps build relationships by showing results and how we achieved them -- which in our case involves the ability to help create marketing promotions and sell thousands of tickets to sporting events, as we also support revenue generation in the supply chain.

If you don’t sell seats, you can’t sell hotdogs